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Musibiz _ Music Mentoring is a Music Mentoring service in Ireland. Musibiz has been around for over a decade. What started out as a hobby has now become a real passion. That passion has led me to a vast amount of knowledge about the Music Industry in Ireland.

I got involved in Music to assist Irish Artists in the promotion of their Music. With the new Digital Age having a serious impact, I felt artists needed some help. Small Labels were failing on a yearly basis and the major ones didn’t want to invest in new talent anymore. There were certainly difficult times ahead

Starting Out

I started out from scratch not knowing anything about the music industry. My only experience was booking Bands as I had been a Bar and Venue Manager for most of my life. This little bit of experience was helpful but not near enough to understand what I needed to do.

I started to come to grips with what was happening about two years ago and have since been working on new ways to get this information out there. This has not been easy as many artists have their own Idea about how they should proceed. Who could blame them? Its been a very hard decade with so many new changes.

Independent Music

Independent Music has never before had a better chance than it has today. I can already hear artists screaming at this statement but this is what I have figured out. Artists have had to adapt to this new digital age by becoming Exactly that ” Independent “. They are becoming more and more equipped in the world of digital marketing. Everything is available to them today and Artists, who do their marketing homework can become successful. I don’t use the word unsigned anymore as that has, in my opinion, become obsolete. Independent is the new kid in town and artists are earning this title.

Labels today

New labels are fast becoming the marketers in the Music world. Major labels are holding on to the old ways and manufacturing Artists and their careers. Their old system is crumbling but they hold on tightly in a bid to survive. It is no longer a big deal to be signed as more artists see no real benefit and an attack on their independence. The majors have heavily invested in digital and have attempted to lock down the entire industry to their own tune. Cracks are beginning to emerge as major artists are going their own way to independence.

What to do?

There are lots of things the independent artists can do. Marketing is the first thing. Every artist must master this art and become their own Independent business. Its a slower process but it is possible. The secret is in communication with the Fan. We have come a long way with Social media but this isn’t working for artists. Its the lazy way to go and most followers are not real or interested. The artists must learn how to communicate with real fans and keep them.

Where to look?

You will find them at the venue you play in the people you speak to personally and you will keep them by emailing them personally. Not facebook, Not twitter but by personal email. People need communication, face to face or by email is the very best way to connect and stay connected with anyone. We have lost ourselves in social media and have convinced ourselves that this is the way to go. It isn’t.

We have every communication available to us and yet we cannot communicate personally to one another. Too many distractions with pointless stuff online and not enough focus on the things that matter. This is something the artist needs to realize at the very beginning. No one wants your Music or you !! You have to earn that and to earn that you need to pay attention to your customer, your fan and your friend. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and energy.

Have a plan

Have a plan . A plan from the very beginning and that’s attracting fans and communicating with them personally. You have to realize that you are a business and business is not going to survive without customers. If you expect them to come running after you because you have a great song then you are delusional. You as a band or person are just as important as the Song you wrote. Don’t have one without the other. If you are waiting around for a label to do the donkey work and create a personality for you then again you will be waiting.

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So what is Musibiz – Music Mentoring?

Well after a decade in the business I have picked up quite a lot of information that can help any artist.  There is lots of free information on the Musibiz – Music mentoring website but for those of you who want a more personal Touch, I can help.


Private Mentoring

In the last 35 years, I have worked and managed numerous businesses and researched every area I could find within the music industry. I am a certified Professional Digital Marketer along with being a certified Life coach and Hypnotherapist. If you would like to work with me then I would love to share all my knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals.

You won’t find a more determined and dedicated individual by your side while you build your brand. I can work on an hourly, daily, weekly or yearly basis. This is entirely up to you. Whether it’s a personal, business or marketing problem, I have here to help as best I can.

Please Contact if you would like some help and we can discuss a time to talk and start strategizing.  I look forward to chatting with you on the other side.


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