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Musibiz Artist Network

MusiBiz Artist Network


Musibiz Artist Network is a support Music Platform for the Independent Artist in Ireland. This website is also open to other countries as we believe that all independents around the world need exposure.  Bands and all artists can submit to the website and feature on it,  We can design your feature page with all relevant social media links for promotion.. Pages can be shared so the general public, so they can see your work and review it.

The Musibiz Artist network is the first attempt to assist the Artist and more features will be introduced over time.. The idea behind it is obvious. We want to help and get your Music out there. Independent Music is Extremely difficult to get any sort of traction and more needs to be done to help those talented artists go further.

We realize that much more needs to be done and having this service available is a very good start . With enough Artists within the the Network over time , we would like to have an awards process to boost the profile of our Particular artists . All we ask that the featured artists share their pages and add their page link to all their websites and social media platforms. By connected yourselves to us and we to you , then the website will become popular, stronger and more can be done for the Artist.

We need a  completely new approach to Music promotion as the current model is simply not working for Independent artists all around the world. We can start by having a good Artist or Band profile here within the Musibiz site which will strengthen it and help everyone involved. The website is completely free and I do all the work myself within the website.. You can read a little bit about me on the about page and what i purpose to do.. Its being a long Journey but also an enjoyable one. I like to get to know each artist or Band so i can advise and follow your progress as you go about your promotion..




Musibiz Artist Playlist for Independent Artists ..