44 are a line on a map,  a year, an age, a psalm, a beat, an idea, a number, is recognisable and a single second in time. 44 are an Irish indie pop project with founding members Harrison & Leon.

While 44 are only in their infancy, They have played in other notable bands in the past. All members have been held in high regard as Songwriters, and live performers.

44 is a fresh start for all members and nothing gets in the way of the song. Great effort is brought into strong melodies, riffs and samples to the forefront.  Over the past twelve months they have locked themselves away in their studio and crafted a long list of edgy pop tunes. With a complete openness they brought themselves screaming into a digital age. Influences range from St. Vincent to Tears for fears. Their songs are eclectic, but brought together with flowing basslines from Leon, and ultra catchy melodies from Harrison.



The track “Bones” is the first release from their own label tws sound. 44’s love for production and film is obvious from their first music video which is commissioned and animated especially for the song. A bold move that saw their fans grow to a staggering 6000 in their very 1st month of launching. 2019 is going to be a busy year as they have many more hot new releases ready to be produced and launched throughout the year.



Official Website                          DistroKid                             Facebook Band Page                           Istragram

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