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Music Management Training

Music Management Training  for Independent Artists, Bands and managers. Professional One to One training for today’s Music Industry.

I have decided to provide a Management Training service for Artists , Bands and Managers  . Over the years I have seen a need for this service more and more as many people are struggling both personally and professionally in the Industry .

I have over 30 years experience in Business , over a decade investigating the music Industry and working one to one with artists , I am a qualified hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist  from 1999 and 2002,  I have a Professional qualification in Digital marketing and I am a qualified Life and Business coach .

I have priced this at 100 euros per month. I want to make this available to anyone who needs it and not let money prevent you from accessing this service .


One to One Music Management Training.

  • Finding out what you truly want in life.
  • The meaning of Intentions
  • Rituals and how why we need them .
  • How the mind actually works .
  • The Ego and how it sabotages.
  • Setting your intentions and goals and implementing them .
  • Setting of daily rituals for strengthening Intentions and goals .
  • Accountability and why it is so important .
  • The meaning behind Vision boards and how they help.
  • The 21 day Challenge to completely change a habit and empower the Mind.
  • How to start a successful career in the Music industry .
  • Where to start with Gigs
  • Email Marketing and why it is so important.
  • Having a website and why it is so Important
  • Social media Marketing and it relevance in the Music Industry.
  • When to Launch an EP or album .
  • How to get you album into the charts .
  • What major festivals are looking for and how to get in .
  • Much Much more.


This list is just a few samples of what is involved . By the end of your training you will be a competent Manager who has all the foundations in place for a solid campaign .  The personal development Part of the training will give you confidence and help you overcome any weaknesses you may have in business and personally . This academy was created out of a necessity for professional and affordable training in the Music industry.


Sincere Wishes to you all

Michael Kiernan