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Coaching for the Independent Artist

Coaching Service for Independent Artists, Bands and managers. Professional One to One coaching for today’s Music Industry.


I have decided to provide a Coaching service for Artists , Bands and Managers  . Over the years I have seen a need for this service more and more as many people are struggling both personally and professionally in the Industry .

I have over 30 years experience in Business , over a decade investigating the music Industry and working one to one with artists , I am a qualified hypnotherapist from 1999 and 2002, Have a Professional qualification in Digital marketing and I am a qualified Life and Business coach .

My coaching is quite intense but works very well . I deal with everything you could imagine and my service is totally confidential . I work with the client on a personal level first to determine where they are and what they need to do to free themselves from any issue they may have . This first phase is critical to enable a good business plan at the next phase . Business is not only about business alone but the person behind that business . When the person is right the business will be the same .

I have seen so many individuals that are so messed up and their careers are being affected. I have also seen a lack of knowledge about the Industry and how it should be approached in today’s digital age  I sincerely want to help with that and give people some peace of mind and a future to look forward too .

I have priced this at 50 euros per week for people that are working and 35 euros per week for the unemployed . I want to make this available to anyone who needs it and not let money prevent them from accessing this service . Clients can simply pay as they go so they have no payment commitment ever . They pay for their weeks coaching in advance and if they want another week.  They just make a payment again for the next week if they require or want more coaching .

So what’s involved ?

Well i don’t work with anyone as many are just not ready for coaching for endless reasons . Some might think they are but quickly pull out when they realise that this process actually takes much effort and commitment .

After contact I will send the client some question to determine whether they are a good fit or not . Those who i think are ready , will be contacted by phone or messenger and we can have a chat to see if they are truly committed and we seem to get on well together . I may not suit some people and some people may not suit me, Rapport is extremely important before any Coaching can be started  So there is a little bit involved before any commitment of a payment is considered .

Clients who are committed and ready for coaching can then make a payment to begin the process . It is completely their responsibility whether they want to continue or not . I tried to make this as fair as I could. I don’t think there is any coach I know making this process as easy as this .

Here are just some of the topics that will be on the coaching schedule. Each Client is different and will have different needs so coaching methods will be different for everyone


One to One Coaching

  • Finding out what you truly want in life.
  • The meaning of Intentions
  • Rituals and how why we need them .
  • How the mind actually works .
  • The Ego and how it sabotages.
  • Setting your intentions and goals and implementing them .
  • Setting of daily rituals for strengthening Intentions and goals .
  • Accountability and why it is so important .
  • The meaning behind Vision boards and how they help.
  • The 21 day Challenge to completely change a habit and empower the Mind.
  • How to start a successful career in the Music industry .
  • Where to start with Gigs
  • Email Marketing and why it is so important.
  • Having a website and why it is so Important
  • Social media Marketing and it relevance in the Music Industry.
  • When to Launch an EP or album .
  • How to get you album into the Irish Charts.
  • What major festivals are looking for and how to get in .


There are so many other topics out there but having these understood and implemented into your life will give to such an advantage and a clear way into so many new opportunities . I sincerely hope you see the benefit in such coaching and that you are in the right hands working with someone like myself . I give my all to everyone who needs it and my only wish is for each and everyone of you to be happy and create a good future for yourselves with a little guidance from myself ,


Sincere Wishes to you all

Michael Kiernan