Irish Festivals and the Independent Artist

Irish Festivals and the Independent Artist

I had  the Wonderful opportunity of meeting one of the founders of the Sea Sessions ” Daniel Browne ” On Sunday 05/03/2017.  I Sent him an email and explained a little about helping the independent Artist in Ireland and how I was going to approach it. I was very happy to get a reply from him and that he was available to meet and advise me in anyway he could. We arranged to meet and I have to say that it was a very interesting insight into the world of festivals.

The most interesting part initially was my passion for creating opportunities for the Irish artist and on the other hand, his Marketing and business approach to the yearly festival.  I was given a stark reality check of what is involved in running a music festival. Daniel was the man behind sales and marketing and his job was to insure the Branding of the festival and ticket sales, So the festival could continue and be successful for the future.. Not an easy task and one that would terrify me. if i am being honest.

He listened intently about my ideas and hopes for the future and seemed a little confused at the beginning . Sometimes I find it very difficult to explain what it is I want to say and need time to warm up to get the Ideas flowing. luckily Daniel was very patient and dug a little deeper to see the full picture. It wasn’t long before we were both in full flow and were bouncing all sorts of ideas on how to improve things for both Artists and the festivals they wish to play in.

We both agreed unequivocally that its all about business at the end of the day and that everyone involved must be doing everything possible to work within their own area of expertise . With that agreed we were then able to exchange views and discuss ways that could open more doors in an industry.

Daniel told me that Music is moving all the time, trends change year after year, Festivals have their own “vibe” and artists , Managers and promoters need to know if they fit that criteria in that particular year. This is something I didn’t consider.

I asked him , if I was to approach a festival with many of the best independent artists in the country , How would they view this and would they consider Artists that I recommended ? His answer was another reality check and an understandable one. He said , Their first thought would be ” How will my association with them benefit the festival “, Plain and simple.  So this is what i had to say !!

There are hundreds of independent artists within the website. Some work on their own profile and some do not. The ones who are to working within the website see this as a business and an opportunity. The website works with , knows and awards those who have a professional approach to their Music careers. Each successful act have an actual following and has built up an email list from the website . Each Artist that we recommend come with a solid Fan base and also have the support of the website. The website can target those fans from Artists chosen for any particular festival. The website can also target Artists of a particular “vibe” that may suit a festival. The website can also target a particular area in Ireland where the festival is being held. They can do this by locating all the artists in those areas and announcing festivals to all the fans in those areas. The website can also advise festivals of all acts within their region that are trending in that area. Trending is based on profile promotion within the website, a large email list and social media presence .. This saves weeks or months of work for festivals who have several hundred artists each year submitting, to work through.. Now I had a lot more to add about other ideas I had planned for artist within the website but that was another day. He needed to know the possibilities and outcome from his end and what other festivals might think..

Daniel Told me that if I had that then I had something very useful for festivals and they would be very happy to work with someone who could make this process easier and effective.. More importantly it would be another way for more ticket sales to be sold and help maintain a the much needed source for the Independent Artist .

I have to say I really enjoyed the Chat and the inside knowledge that was shared between us..  I think Daniel eventually saw what I was attempting to do and seen it as a possible alternative to sourcing the very best Independent Artists in Ireland. He was also very impressed with how much time I spent on each artist’s work that was presented to me.  I suppose you would have to have the passion to be as thorough I as was, I never really seen it that way. There was so much more to discuss but we decided that more needed to be done until I was ready to approach festivals from a solid Baseline. He asked me to keep him updated on all progress throughout the year and I left very confident that we will stay in close contact from now on..


So thats it Guys..

I realize that I have much tweaking to do on the website but I know now that I am definitely onto something. I have being saying that much work is needed from the artist and the website needs to be optimized for the best results.. I will continue to keep adding artists and creating profiles. I will introduce more and more features as each week passes but in the meantime , keep sharing that profile and more importantly ” Ask for a comment underneath ” . Thats where your fan base begins and a closer step to performing at festivals . Many have asked me how does one get into festivals every year? The answer is obvious to me now and revolves around the Artist’s ability to believe in themselves and the willingness to get out there and promote in every way possible .The seed has being truly planted here by myself on this new platform and will grow as the artist realize that an opening was made for them. This opening is real and a tangible one that will remain open with the participation from each and every artist that wants that opportunity. It is entirely up to the independent artist how this goes. I can make contacts ,Build platforms and create opportunities but it is the Artist that will inevitably make this a reality. We are moving into a more independent age where people are realizing that it is possible to forge practically anything you set your mind too. New ideas are emerging each year the old ways of doing things are somewhat falling away. Knowing someone who knows someone is not as relevant as is was but rather as Daniel put it in short ” What can you bring to the table “.  If it benefits you and not them, you have nothing and will loose any opportunity. The only way forward is make yourself a viable proposition . That takes work and a vision to see and act on the slightest opportunities.  It is the people that are willing to do that, I will fight for and support.

I will be meeting with other festival organizers during the year and Daniel have promised to help me make contact with key individuals within the festival community . This is extremely generous of him and as a thank you I will be promoting his festival at every opportunity .



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