Irish Indie Chart


Irish Indie Chart is a Music Chart designed to recognise the Independent Irish Artist. The charts are compiled from an online presence on selected Music platforms. Later on, we will get down to a more in-depth focus of an artist’s entire Music Presence. The chart will be a good indication of how each artist is actually doing in their over all music presence . Further work and promotion from the artist will result in climbing the Music chart.

Musibiz has being running for a few years and it proving to be very beneficial for artists . We help the artists  by featuring them on the website with a professional look. The pages created, give a very good impression and give an overall picture of what the artists is all about.

We are also a blog and write about music advice and anything new that may be helpful to the artist.

We decided to compliment the website by building a sister site called “Irish indie Chart” to help artists even further.  Artists have become deflated with lack of opportunities and we believe that both websites are a good way to encourage confidence again .

Take a look at the Irish Indie Chart and also have a look around the Musibiz website to get a good idea what we are all about.  To get involved simply submit a 300 to 400 word Bio along with all available links to get started ..


See you on the Inside


Michael Kiernan

Creator and promoter of Musibiz / Irish Indie Chart


Irish Indie Chart 2018



Indie Chart Top 10  ( October 2017 )


Spotify Irish Indie Chart 2018