For many “bedroom” musicians the process of creating music can be lonely.  The real life collaboration often requires time, space and facilities. Too often the great ideas we have never see the light of day. As musicians we have all been there.

Melosity was created to solve this very problem. We want to provide you, the musician the tools to collaborate with others from any computer anywhere in the world. It is a basic online DAW, a sketch pad if you’d like, that can handle multitrack projects. You can create a project, upload files, or record straight into it. You can invite your friends to collaborate from their home computer. You can chat online in real time, arrange tracks right in front of your eyes. Or you can leave messages for your online collaborators to read when they next time log in.

Not only do we believe this will revolutionise how we record music in the future, but it will also help us musicians connect and interact, not only locally but also globally.

The hard working team at the Melosity office in Temple Bar are committed to build and support the independent music community at every level. We actively encourage collaborations and collaborate ourselves. We are all the time on the lookout for new ways we could connect like minded musicians.

The basics are the online collaboration tool, which we are hoping to turn into an online community of musicians. The long term vision is to see it evolve into a viable marketplace, where musicians could not only collaborate, but also make money from their recording services.


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