The Musibiz Agency Is booking agency for the northwest of Ireland. We invite Original and Cover acts to submit to us for consideration.

We are particularly interested in acts who have originals but can also perform cover gigs or both if necessary. Talent is an obvious along with a good social media presence for further promotion .

We make no promises but any artists we feature on the website will be promoted to all Venues in the northwest . Its down to the Venue manager or owner after that .

We will also work closely with artists that we feature for the northwest region and will suggest various marketing strategies to help with your own promotion . We know how difficult it is and we are here to help if an act requires this. 

If you would like to be involved then contact us here and we can begin the process. We will take a good look at everything and get back to you either way so you have nothing to lose. 

We also invite acts who are interested in touring from Ireland and outside of Ireland. It’s good to get plugged into this site to get some help finding some suitable gigs . 

The feature pages here are very good and can be used in all your campaigns. We have a comment page at the bottom and we encourage you to ask for reviews. This will show us and the venues we approach that you have a following . If you haven’t a website you can use this page as your press pack .It will have your best work up there.

It is also wise to consider that many festivals in Ireland only consider Acts who are registered or involved with an agency and have a good overall social media presence . We will be sending Certain acts to Irish festivals for consideration. 

The northwest of Ireland is where we are focusing on at present but we hope to move onto different areas soon . We have a few venues outside of this area so we are making decent ground in this area.

So If you are an act that is looking for a little more exposure then this could be a decent opportunity.  We love listening to music so please share you music and tell us a little about your act. All enquiries are answered and all music is listened too . 


Featured Artists
  • The Well Dressed Hobos

The Well Dressed Hobos are a new and upcoming Band Based in Sligo. They are an original Band but also provide a full, cover set for their audience.

If you are looking for a cool upbeat Reggae Rock Beat then this is the act for you. They come at a very reasonable rate and can travel to most parts of the country.

You can find a little more information about this fabulous Act at their Profile page The Well Dressed Hobos here on the Musibiz Website..

For Bookings simply Contact us Here 


  • Elevation falls

    Elevation Falls

Elevation Falls are a Young Rock Band from Dublin. They are an original Band who write their own Material. They have a full Cover set available and their covers range from Phil Lynott to Gary moore.

This is a very exciting act and if you are looking for an uptempo band from the very start ,then look no further. More information is available on their profile page at Elevation falls

This Band comes at a very reasonable rate and can travel to anywhere in Ireland. You can inquire or Book them by going here