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I started off in the Music Industry at a very early age and not in the traditional sense . I worked in my parents Pub which was filled with Music every weekend and knew that It would be a major part of my Life .

I spent over 30 year working, managing and owning Pubs and venues with music being at the forefront of my daily operations . Music for me was the lifeblood behind everything I did and entertainment was my passion .

Another passion was listening and helping people with various problems . I suppose it comes with the job I had . I’ve met countless thousands in my lifetime and everyone of them of great interest to me . While working I studied many books on the human mind as people fascinated me greatly and I also wanted to help them more than I had . I needed to understand  people more .  I qualified as a hypnotherapist back in 1999 and went on to advance my studies in hypnosis in 2002 .  It was the only topic I was really interested in at the time and I learned very quickly the power of the mind .

I was a bit of an agony aunt at the time but I loved using my new found knowledge on my customers who enjoyed it greatly . It was around that time that I took a particular Interest in Artists who played on the weekends . So many talented Artists and bands passed through my hands and most of them never got further than playing at a local gig . This upset me greatly so I decided to investigate and learn more about the industry so I could help these artists more .

I learned over the past 12 years or so that the industry is indeed a very difficult one but so much is not understood by the artists today . Digital marketing was and still is a major Problem for most artists and the lack of labels and good managers is not helping either . The industry was going through many changes and artists were being left behind it seemed .

As I dug a little deeper I realised that there was indeed opportunity but the artists needed to participate much more than they had before . Just practicing their music was not enough and a clear understanding of how the industry works needed to be taught and implemented.

I attempted to share my knowledge on a larger scale through various websites and events but this has had little effect . You cannot generalise and every artist have their own set of unique circumstances and problems when entering the music industry. A more personal approach for each individual was necessary if anything was to change and be learned .

I went back to the drawing board in 2016 and went studying again to help me with this process . I gained a professional Digital marketing qualification and also studied as a life and personal coach . I needed these tools to empower each artist and give them a clear vision on what they so badly needed,. Help with launching their music but also help them with their own personal development so they were in good shape throughout . If you are not right Psychologically and in many cases Spiritually then you are at a disadvantage from the very beginning . Working on these along with a clear knowledge of what is required from you as a musician is the key to having a career in the Music industry .

These are exciting times my friends and I am looking forward to sharing my information and guiding you towards a better future . I will only work with people who are 100% committed as I am 100% committed. I have spent a good part of my life preparing for this as you can see . I work with people who really want to move forward and are willing to listen to some guidance. It’s not going to be easy but it’s one hell of an adventure for those of you who are brave enough to take the challenge .

I have recently created an agency so i can work directly with each artist and help with Advice , Marketing and finding them a few gigs to showcase themselves . Booking is very much like managing a band these days . The work is pretty much the same as a manager would have . I give my all to an artist I feel passionate about and I expect the same from him , her or them. When that is established then something can be worked out and the fun begins .

Artists think they can do it on their own but a variety of skilled people working together for the same goal is critical for a successful campaign on anything . It takes many parts and all working like a well oiled machine to make things happen .

I look forward to listening to all the beautiful Music you have to share with me . .

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Neasa de Baróid

    Fantastic life journey to date Michael and Well Well Done. I as a singer/ songwriter/ performer have also had a fascination with the mind, especially where it interferes with ones greatest potential. You’re bang On. It keeps us living small instead of allowing to emerge as our fantastic truth. X Neasa

    1. Michael Kiernan

      Thanks very Much Neasa . I am hoping that artists see the true potential in this and that they are willing to experience a new reality

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