Michael Kiernan

The story behind the network started back in 2005 when I realized the independent Music was in real trouble . This is a little information about me and the reason behind the Musibiz Music website


Welcome to the Musibiz Artist Network. I have spent that past ten years investigating the Irish Music Industry and working directly with the Irish Artist. Over those ten years I have identified many areas within the industry that has being left obsolete as we adjust to the new digital age.

Artists in Ireland and indeed , all over the world have had to adjust on their own, as the old structures that were in place have disappeared . Major Labels and corporations have had to take measures to protect their own futures and the result has being catastrophic for millions of Artists all over the world.

Musibiz Artist Network is the beginning of a new approach and support for the Irish Artist . We want to give your Music a voice again and rebuild a network of communication between the Artist and all Music related Industries. Up to now the artists have being doing this alone with no proper platform or support to make those connections required for a more successful Career in Music.

My aim is to change the way music is being approached in the Irish Music Industry.. We are currently working on an Indie Chart that will recognize artists for their efforts. This has being missing all along and must be introduced as an additional stepping stone to a more certain future..

I work by myself including building this website. Changing an entire Industry isn’t going to be easy but i have seen Gaps that could make the artist’s Journey more enjoyable and worthwhile. I want to bring the Fun Back into Music and create a more happy environment for the Independent Artist.

I cant tell you everything I tend to do just yet but as we progress , you will begin to see the picture. I can tell you that i will be creating a new Indie chart for our Independent community in Ireland . This will allow all artists to have a much more fair and equal opportunity when considering a possible entry into the Official Irish Charts.

The major problem In today’s music Industry is radio play for the Independents. You have a very poor chance of radio play, if you are not on the charts. To be on the Charts you need to have a massive following or be signed to a major label. Music cannot be distributed as Distributors will rarely consider an unknown artist. This is where the Independent artists get cut off from any opportunity.

I spent ten years trying to see ways around this . Smart marketing, new Music websites including a social network website for the Independents .  I tried competitions , events and even went as far as taking my own Music venue to raise the artists’s profile.. Brick walls all the way.. I was trying to fix the symptom and not the cause. If I was to have any hope , I needed to go right to the problem and fix a broken system that has had a devastating effect on All artists here and everywhere around the world.

The sickening thing about all of this is there is no sense to it or real reason to why it is this way. People downloading Music illegally or the new digital age is not the reason why this happened , In my opinion. It had an effect alright but the real problem was the entire structure was not looked at correctly . I will not go into this now as i do not want to waste my time any longer on why this has happened and the results of it  . I want to concentrate on fixing something that is broken and must be repaired for the sake of the industry. ..

As people are learning to become more independent in this industry, we also see the CD and Vinyl on the comeback. This dosnt surprise me at all. Despite the incredible efforts of the Majors to accept a digital format as a solution to the Music crisis. it hasn’t worked for Independents. This has created a bottle neck in the industry and the flow of Music has being plugged. The result is the same generic music being played year in and year out on the radios today.. Its not rocket science.. Labels have resigned themselves to a more structured business model and a more constructed artist being created to fuel the existing popular demand.

Anyway enough of this tale of doom. I am creating a new Indie chart and I will also be introducing an awards to compliment it. Why not have our own Independent Awards and charts.?  Well its going to happen guys. This is going to create lots of options and opportunities for more artists. Send your Music into me and lets go on this journey together. I have lots of advice to give anyone who wants it. Im not making any promises as this industry are full of people who make so many claims.. Thats not me.. My cards are on the table and those who know me , Know this very well. No Crap , Just want to get this going.

My network is quite large and I have many artists who trust me and know where my heart is . With you and the artists i know and care about, I ask everyone who reads this to get on board and begin this process. The artist community is very depressed about the industry at present and who can blame them. They got a very bad deal but without those same artists , My hands are tied and limited to what can be done..

So here we are , You have nothing to loose by sharing your Music with me. At the very least you will get to know many others by connected with me. From there we can all help one another..

I look forward to you  to hearing from you

Michael Kiernan

Promoter of  MusiBiz Independant Artist..