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Music Chart Records are an accumulation of Ideas and new initiatives that have come together with 11 years of Investigation into Irish Music Industry . It started out as a hobby and a love for music and the  Artists who created it. Over those years I have had many insights into the workings of the industry today. and have seen the serious lack of any opportunity. This lack of opportunity is something I have focused on particularly and I have seen an area where a real change can be made.

Radio play is a real problem In Ireland and Independent artists are simple not getting the play required to have their Music heard as popular demand is the preferred choice . By popular demand , I mean what we have on the Charts at any given week. Those who are lucky enough to reach the charts have a very good opportunity of becoming that popular demand.

The chances of reaching the Charts have being dramatically decreased in the new digital age . The Labels that are left, no longer can afford to take a risk of signing a new act. Their chances of recouping their investment is virtually Guaranteed not going to happen. The main reason for this is the lack of CD sales in today’s Music Industry. With the proper campaign, Labels had a far greater chance of getting their money back when Cds were the main source of Music revenue . This is not the case any longer and we have seen many labels going out of business .

Next was the introduction of Itunes as people’s preferred option with a digital download . We we told that this was the new solution as the artist needed to consider a smaller revenue if they wanted to survive in the new Music Renaissance.

As the artist adapted to Itunes , spotify was introduced to capture the streaming audience and Music revenue was decreased further.. What has happened is a few of the major Labels have invested into this technology and now control the entire Music Industry . Music has now become a commodity and is dictated to us to whatever these labels want it to be.  We now see the same old rubbish being pumped out of the Radio every week with very little being done about it.

So what is the solution? How does an independent artist get onto the Charts that the major labels have a monopoly on ?

The Irish chart is compiled in three ways . Cd and Vinyl sales , Itunes Downloads and spotify Streams .

It is easy to get your Track or album on the itunes and spotify but the problem lies with the Cd and vinyl sales. Without the support of a good label , you have a very poor chance of Distribution to the Record stores, No major PR or marketing team to build any sort of brand and no connection to Music agents , connecting to Vital Venues for national and international tours.  These are all critical pieces to the overall success of any act.



So how are the Independent artists coping with such a lack of support ? I have noticed many artists becoming very proficient is all social and digital marketing. They are becoming their own label, Their own PR and marketing team and are connecting with agents and other venues. This is getting better each and every year. On top of that Cds and vinyls are making a little comeback also. It looks like they will be around for some time yet and are an essential part of the revenue stream for today’s artist.  The problem lies in the distrubritation streams to the stores so Physical sales can be scanned for the charts. The physical scanned Cd of Vinyl has tremendous power when used along with Itunes and spotify .  It is your best chance to the Irish chart and then to the radio as it becomes popular demand. Once in popular demand , Thats when things begin to happen. Interest from other people in the industry.. Agents, labels, festivals, tours will all be more available with this popular demand.

I would like to work with Bands and singer songwriters in 2018 to help me Introduce a new method that would help with the distribution process . I would like to work with artists who have an album coming out this year and want to give the Irish Charts a real crack. I am looking for artists who are willing to work with me and together we might actually do something . I have designed my own Indie chart. This chart is part of what i want to do. Call it division one and the Irish Chart the premiership. I want to recognise you by putting you on my chart and helping you to rise up the chart and possible into the Official Irish Chart. I want to award those who have being through the process and show the industry who you are. The process alone will be a serious profile builder for any act and those at the top will get noticed by the industry. It will also be a serious understanding into the workings of the industry..

If you are one of those acts that are tired of the same old thing and want to try something different , Then why not connect with me here and get your campaign going . I will be opening my own online Record store. There I will have the capability of scanning your Music and distribute it for you. I will chart you on the Irish Indie Chart on your Cd sales and recognise you at the end of the year by a proper Music award .

I have other new initiatives that will enable you to have more physically sales . This information will be available to those who are accepted onto the Irish Indie chart  . I am looking for Artists who have a very good knowledge of basic marketing , Have a decent following, can organise a couple of decent launches and their Music is top notch.

Please Contact me here if you are interested.. Thank you !!



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