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Music Management Certificate Course


Musibiz is now offering a new Music management certificate Course that will prepare you for a career in the Music industry. This is a basic to intermediate type course. It will include an intense personal development section along with all you need to know about managing an Artist or Band in the music industry today .

So why have I decided to do this ?. Over the years I have noticed that there is not much information about how to actually manage an act. I have also noticed that there is a serious lack of personal development in the music industry. Being personally ready for a career in the music industry is vital for a successful campaign. Being mentally strong and confident about yourself and your act is key to be motivated to do what is necessary to build your Brand.

I have also noticed that many artists are going around in circles and seem to be stuck at certain points in their careers. The reason behind most of this is a very poor understanding of the structures that need to be put in place. I have also noticed that artists are launching Eps and Albums without proper planning and a proper fan base built up. The list goes on in so many different areas of the development of so many acts. This course will focus on all the basics needed that will allow you to have a very solid base to work from .

The Music Management certificate Course will first teach you how to manage yourself first . Believe it or not there are many out there that are simply not ready due to a whole range of issues that prevent us all from moving forward. From lack of confidence, to anxiety to addictions problems. The list is endless .This course is very unique as it is a complete Solution on all aspects of the Manager’s development .

You will have a step by step monthly program with various exercises to complete on a weekly basis. You will learn the importance of having a good website , How to use social media that works for you, How to stamp your ground in your own locality, The importance of connecting with the right artists, Working with the right venue, How to build a fanbase the correct way and how to keep them . When and where to launch your EP or Album and much more This course will guide you from the very beginning to launching your Album towards the official Charts.

This is a very personal One to One Music Management Course and I will be personally mentoring you throughout . Those interested can simply contact me to begin the process . A one to one call will be organised first . If we are a good fit and you are excited to go ahead then we can begin . The course runs for 12 months . Students will be certified as Music Manager by The Musibiz Academy after they have completed their training .

By the end of the course you will have everything setup professionally . You will be more assertive and professional in your everyday dealings .Be exactly where you want to be with your act and what you need to do next . You will think like a professional and will have your business set up properly to back that up . This is where all managers and acts need to be if there are to have any chance in this industry .

I have made this Course accessible to everyone and have it priced at just 100 euros a month . This is a very fair fee for what is involved here . Included in this is access to my email at anytime and monthly live calls throughout the year. .


Course Creator 

Michael Kiernan’s Music passion spans for nearly 40 years. His passion started in his church choir and was a regular at the yearly Feis Cheol held in Dublin , Ireland. His life took a turn in his teens and he went working in Bars with Music at its core . He quickly became a sought after Venue manager and worked in Bars and Music venues throughout his life. He was also successfully involved in Various business ventures and is an entrepreneur through and through.  Michael spent over a decade investigating the Music industry and has personally coached many artists during that time . He is the creator of the yearly Simon gigs and fundraiser for the homeless. He has extensive experience in promotions , events and management .

During his career he has extensively studied  human behaviour and was certified in Hypnotherapy & psychotherapy in 1999 and 2002 . He has recently being certified as a digital marketing professional and is also certified as a Life and Business coach. Michael has put all his experience and passion together and developed a truly revolutionary program . His aim is to develop and empower others to be the very best of themselves .


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