The simon gigs
There is, in my opinion, the seeds of a Music Revolution starting Up in Donegal and I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out . They are some very determined Artists there and they are sick of the way the Industry is at present ..

I have being banging my head of brick walls for 11 years in this very complicated Music Industry in Ireland. I have reached out to Venues , Agents, Managers, Artists, promoters , Labels, Radio and various media .. All of them trying to come to terms with the Digital age , Recessions , Survival , Making a living and seeing no point to my questions , Answers , Solutions for the Independent artist

Ireland has being through alot and the majority of it is not our fault . Things happen and the big guns come in and make the rules . Never for the benefit of people but for the big business very deep pockets .

I seen a change in people , an awakening of sorts . That all is not what it seems and people rising up and taking charge of their own lives and caring about other people . The dog eat dog mentality hasn’t worked and the dog in all of this has been spotted more so than ever before . We have learned that no one is coming to rescue us and more of the same is on the cards . We believe this now, we know this now and more than ever before .

It is spreading throughout the entire country and Music is no exception to this . People are doing it for themselves , taking charge and coming together. I seen it a few weeks ago on an artist’s page .I met Maighread ní ghrásta from BlackBird & Crow a couple of years ago. Talented , unique and a no brainer for success was on her cards . The Industry doesn’t see it that way along with many industries that does not recognise talent and reward those who have it ..

She came up with a new approach , a new Idea, a fight for herself and others, a community , a meeting of like minds, a coming together , a network of artists in the Donegal area. So what’s the big deal ? This is the change i have being looking for , praying for , craving for in this industry. Nothing will change if people do not come together and create that change . She wants to connect with all artists in Donegal by having meetings , discussions , advice , information , open Mics, Gigs, connection with everyone that has a finger in the music pie . It is with this idea that the magic happens . Imagine having such a network in every part of the country? There is nothing you cannot do. A Mini Industry all in itself and who would have thought that in the County of Donegal, it all started.

I write this blog and send out a very clear message to the other counties . Come together, create your own network and build your own Industry in your own part of Ireland. When that happens, we are all connected and big changes will occur. I will be at the second meeting in Ballybofey next month as i want to help this become the first real music network in Ireland with actual members Together. they intend to plug themselves into every inch of Donegal and will want to connect with any future networks from outside their area..

No Clicks, No Bull , No Egos   she said . She meant it . She wants a community , friends , People that care about one another and are willing to help one another . No strings attached but straight honest commitment to one another . I’m in , I love it and i am based in Donegal. bring it on , lets be having it and lets do this on our own terms with the help of others that simply want the same ..Its possible , achievable and a first step towards changing the way the industry operates . Its operates for them and does not operate for you the artist. Take the control back and have it work for you and your members . Exciting times ahead..

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