Open Mics , Sessions and Artist networks in Ireland are things I am very passionate about . I’ve written a little piece about the importance of each and the possibilities if maintained . 


I went to the ASN ( Artist Support network ) meeting at the Balor in Ballybofey , Donegal last night ..This was sparked by the band Blackbird and Crow and its slowly taking root .Artists helping other Artists is the only way.

After the meeting we went to Ghostlight sessions which was also hosted at the Balor . All original Music with a large crowd . These sessions are run by Singer Songwriter Dean Gallagher Mayhood. I have to say that i was impressed with the line up. I really enjoyed it.

There were three Acts performing on the night . Blackbird and Crow were up first . I am a big fan of this act since I first heard them at the Musibar in sligo a couple of years ago . I have being following them very closely since as i believe that these guys are special and going to be a huge success . Its only a matter of time in my opinion . They are a duo at present but i heard that they are forming a full band . I was lucky enough to purchase their album ” Shock Shatter Convince ” last night  . All their albums were sold out last night after their performance . They simply blew everybody away .

Next up way another Band I know very well . DDay from Galway had performed at the Simon Gigs twice . I run them yearly for the homeless and these guys are always there to support me with this yearly event. I hadn’t seen them in a couple of years so I was delighted to meet up with them again.  I was delighted to hear that they are writing again and will be touring Ireland and the UK this year.  I had tipped these Guys as the ones to watch in 2015/16.. Like all Bands they had their ups and downs but they are back now with a new energy and i can’t wait to see what happens for them this year ..

The next Act was an act I was not aware of before . Never heard of these guys till last night . Holy Shit they were brilliant. Darren Doherty and the Heathen Choir are a phenomenal live act from the north of Ireland. Why these Guys are not signed is beyond me. These guys are going to be huge . I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this act in the future ..

Guys the quality of the ghostlight sessions are top class . Everyone of these acts are premier acts and all original. Sessions like these are vital in Ireland . So many things happen at such Gigs . Obviously the general public get to see quality original Music but so much more too .. Connecting artists with artists and from other parts of Ireland is critical for touring artists. People like myself get to see them and share information about these artists . Featuring them, showcasing them and encouraging them is a vital part of the Musibiz website. So many wonderful things start to happen when sessions like these are available .

Venues that host them are few and far between. Support them Guys . I had one such venue at one time and it was not supported They are gold dust for artists and must be protected by the artists themselves . Be inventive , be supportive and be fair.. They want to showcase you but you need to showcase these sessions, venues so they can do their very best for the artists that used them .

I will definitely be at the next Goastlight sessions at the Balor next month .Its all going on there and I’m supporting it . This is where the real music is happening . So many incredibly talented people who simply want a career in something they that they are very talented at.  Music had almost gone underground In Ireland .  Go and see it . promote it , encourage it  and support this Art that has always being a critical Part of our Irish culture .


A Taste of Music from the Ghostlight Sessions.

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  1. Mark joseph

    I agree 100%, we have so much great music coming out of ireland but we seem to be loosing our way a bit and i would love to show my support and maybe be asked to preform at one… Hint hint… Lol

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