Optimising Your Youtube Channel and Tracks


Optimising your Youtube Channel and tracks are critical in today’s digital age . Many artists In Ireland do not understand the significance of having Both Channel and tracks optimised .


When Creating a Music Channel , make sure that your Channel “Category” is in the “Music” category. Over the years I have seen about 50% of artists with the wrong category.

Create a good description of the act. The description should be around 300 words for google to see it as good content and Recognise you for google ranking .

You need to have at least 20 tags to your channel . Tags are like mini descriptions of your Channel . Eg. Singer Songwriter, Band, Ireland, Irish , Music and anything related to what you do and who you are .

You need a decent Picture as your profile pic . Make it stand out and appealing to your audience .

Make sure you have these things done correctly so your Channel is fully optimised .



Now that you have your Channel Page optimised you are ready to upload your track to your Music channel .

You will need a good title obviously . Try to keep the title short and to the point .

Again you will need a good description and about 300 words . Put in all your information and available links in there too. Having a couple of lines in the description is a major No No .

Again you need at least 20 tags the are relevant to you, your channel and your new track . All of this is needed so google can read the information and rank you on its pages .

Use the share facility under the your tracks . Youtube likes this and so does google .  Copy and pasting links is not a good idea.

Give people some love for their comments. This is also registered in youtube and helps google to recognise your activity in your channel .

Pin one of the comments or pin your own comments thanking everyone for listening . If you can do these few important things then you are giving your Tracks the justice there deserve .


Final thoughts

Your channel is seen as pretty much like your website on the youtube platform . Just like a website , it needs to be optimised . Your tracks are seen like blogs on your website and also need the same attention . The more Optimisation and activity around Channel and tracks the better the result .

I have found a very good youtube Optimization tool that has a free option that you can use.  It will show you where your channel and tracks need attention . You can also take a good look at other channels with this tool and see how they are doing their SEO. Every Artist should be using a tool like this and giving a track the best chance of being seen.

Free Software for Youtube optimization



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