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Musibiz have decided to provide some services for artists due to demand . Musibiz has strived to assist the artist by providing them with a free feature on our website , access to lots of advice about the industry and entry into out Irish Indie Chart .Their are very few music websites that provide such a service. Musibiz was built on a passion for Music and helping the Independent Artist.

We have found over the years that their are some areas where artists need some help on a personal and professional level and we want to help with this process .


Logo Design

We can design your Logo that will make you stand out and give your Act the identity it deserves . A relevant logo that represents you is critical part of the overall building process .

Price:  80 euros  


Poster Design

We can Design any poster from Social media profile Pictures to Gig posters . Whatever you need we can provide you .

Price:  25 euros per hour


Website and social media presence

We will carry out a total analysis on your online presence. Website analysis and all your social media analysis. We will provide a detailed report on what needs to be improved and implemented for a better presence online .

Price: 150 Euros  

Marketing Advice

If you have anything that you need advice with or help with in regards to Marketing your Music you can make an appointment for a private phone call and discuss it one to one .

Price:  25 euros per session  


One to One Coaching

This might seem quite an unusual one but One to One coaching seems to be Badly needed in the Music community for lots of reasons . Lots of issues come up in life and Music is no exception . As a Qualified Life coach and Hypnotherapist I can offer you this very unique service . During these personal sessions we will discuss any issues , blocks and implement new ways for a more successful career in the future . These sessions will be deep and are not easy . I would love to offer this service to everyone but I will only work with people who are ready for changes and are willing to take some direction . I want each participant to be free of any blocks and to benefit from this experience . A free one to one call will be given first to determine if we both fit and a suggested number of sessions is agreed .

Price:  600 euros for 3 months one to one sessions   


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