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We decided to be a duo somewhere mid 2013. The idea of the thrash blues had been floating around for a while, but after leaving our previous band it just fell into place naturally. It made sense to continue playing music together, and the name the thrash blues fitted our energy perfectly.Slowly but surely our many influences started to emerge: Ramones, Johnny Cash, Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Cave,Neutral milk hotel, Iggy pop, Queens of the stone age, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, John Lee Hooker, Thin Lizzy, The Band, and countless more; but we’re never thinking in terms of ‘let’s be a Rock band’, or Punk or Blues, or whatever we find ourselves playing. As long as the songs are immediate and catchy and four-four then happy days: at this point we could jam 12 songs into a 20 minute set, depending on the levels of nervous energy in the room! After recording some studio demos late in 2013, and some home-made demos the following summer, we released a stand-alone single – ‘misfits’ – late 2014, contributed a bunch of tracks to the indie feature film ‘The Last Show’, and our debut e.p. ‘Sunshine Operator’ seen the light of day in September 2015. A new single is coming March 2017.



Press releases for ‘Wicked Man’ single
Dublin, Ireland – Irish duo The Thrash Blues present their new single ‘wicked man’,released independently on digital and physical format, with two extra ‘B-side’ tracks exclusive to the CD version.

The lead song from the single lands in R n’ R territory; here the band are beginning to draw together many of their influences – from Rock & Punk to Country & Blues.

More layered than the bands raw, stripped back live set-up, guitarist and singer Ro dusted off his beloved Fender Jazz bass this time around to accompany Drummer Liz in achieving a fuller sound, with plenty of slide guitar offering a sample of the bands folk blues influences on top of the electric rolling 4/4 rhythm.  The other songs exclusive to the CD version are ‘Confessin’ Hands’ – a warm tube-driven acoustic led confessional about past mistakes, and ‘Fire & Stone’ – a perfect way to book-end the release, which shares the same mission as Wicked Man with its upbeat reminder to ‘Dance in your own way’.

Wicked Man is available Friday 24th March 2017 through iTunes and all major on-line retailers. 3-track CD version available at select stores. Check the bands Facebook page for more details, or contact them directly via their website.



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  1. Damien Shields

    This is awsome original music. !! Love the muted style and the intensity in the sound. Planes is my favorite so far. very cool sound for a 2 piece. Can’t wait to see them play huge gigs here in LA!!

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