Michael Kiernan

The story behind the network started back in 2005 when I realized the independent Music was in real trouble .


Welcome to the Musibiz Artist Network. I have spent that past ten years investigating the Irish Music Industry and working directly with the Irish Artist. Over those ten years I have identified many areas within the industry that has being left obsolete as we adjust to the new digital age.

Artists in Ireland and indeed , all over the world have had to adjust on their own, as the old structures that were in place have disappeared . Major Labels and corporations have taken measures to protect their own futures and the result has being catastrophic for millions of Artists all over the world.

Musibiz Artist Network is the beginning of a new approach and support for the Irish Artist . We want to give their Music a voice again and rebuild a network of communication between the Artist and all Music related Industries. Up to now they have being doing this alone with no proper platform or support to make those connections required for a more successful Career in Music.

Our aim will be helping the artist build a professional profile and encourage them to build both a fan base and plan for future Gigs, Festivals and Music launches. These areas are vital and from experience are the areas, all artists have the most difficulty with.

In 2017  I have began to build a framework around all these areas so the Artist can easily fit into this new platform which will run parallel with their own yearly campaigns .  It will be engaging , fun , inclusive and rewarding to all who join me on this musical Journey . For the first time, the independant Artists will have a voice and real support behind them . I will be working personally within the new platform which will be unique from all the others out there. I will use the tools i create within the website and all knowledge and contacts to bring the Independant Artist to where they need to go in the future.

I can only do this with the participation of the independent Artists so this will be a two way understanding. Working together is the key and complimented with a clever marketing approach within the website . Artist are encouraged to submit their work and begin this process . Like no other website, I study your work , Social media and can come up with solutions to get you started in the right direction.

This website is temporary as i work on the my project . I build it to inform you of my plans and also to give you the opportunity to introduce yourselves to me and share you music and plans for the future.

I look forward to you  to hearing from you

Michael Kiernan

Promoter of  MusiBiz Independant Artist..