Project 82 is a series of intimate live performances recorded in a home studio, based in the heart of Dublin City. We’ve been working to create a platform for emerging talent with original music to record with our in-house sound engineer Anna Brizay, while behind the lens is Nathan Dunne our in-house cinematographer.

Encompassing all genres of music Project 82 wants to become the number one showcase for homegrown Irish talent and the go-to Youtube channel for people looking to hear something fresh. All the artists that have been involved have loved the experience and have been happy with the quality content we released. We hope artists/bands of any kind will approach us...if we like it we’ll record it.

In our current series, each act performs three songs in the musical wonderland that is the living room of apartment 82. We have had the privilege of working with some amazing up and coming artists some of which are Orchid Collective, Cian Rock, Josh Gray and many more...

For the moment this is a non-profit organization, we recently set up a crowdfunding via Patreon where people can donate per video and in return, we reward our pledgers. Any of the money we do make on this will go towards improvements for the project like acoustics, microphones, lighting etc..

You can stay updated with all the upcoming episodes on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, we also have a SoundCloud that features all songs recorded in the series. Visit our website for all other information.

If you are an artist with original music and would like to be featured on our show, please contact us at [email protected] with a link to your music, we would love to hear from you.


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Sideline Fire are a 4 piece indie rock band made up of 4 guys from Bimm music college Dublin. They were formed in late in 2016 by the lead singer / songwriter, a young 21 year old Andrew Berry who started singing and playing guitar from the age of 11 ...

He was inspired by his older brother Chris who is now lead singer / songwriter with Scottish band Aurora Blues .Andrew first took to stage in a local talent competition and amazed the judges when he sang a song he had written just a few days before the final ....



in 2015 his father secretly entered a video of him into the Voice of Ireland and when he received a call from them saying that they wanted him, he was in shock and after a few auditions in was into the Blind knockout stage and was overwhelmed when Kian from Westlife turned for him ...his blind audition is in the top 5 auditions of all time with over half a Million views on youtube ,

A comment from bressie in the knockout stages has inspired him to be where he is at present.....bressie said that he would be an absolutely brilliant front man with an indie rock band,  Andrew has since written over 200 songs and has over 1,000,000 combined youtube viewings .The future looks so bright ahead for him and his band Sideline Fire as they enter into the big mad world of music in 2018 .


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Rachel Grace is a 15 year old singer Songwriter from Wexford, Ireland She is proud to call herself a self funded, independent artist and has being that way since she first started writing Music,

Her musical influences Range from Brittany Spears all the way to AC/DC and everything in between.

She penned and scored her first song at 10 years of age in primary school and called it " The only way ". It is featured in her self-funded debut album " Song for you " where she released in 2015

She spent most of her weekends busking on the streets of Wexford town where she honed her skills and loved every minute of it .
Recently She had the privilege to be the support act for the amazing Wallis Bird in Enniscorthy, Co wexford and in May she supported the equally brilliant Keith Plunkett.



In April 2017 she entered the buskers battle for charity at the National Opera House in Wexford and received a full standing ovation for her rendition of "i dreamed a dream" from Les Miserable.

2017 was turning out to be a Super year for her. She featured at Friday Arts at Gardnier St in Dublin. In May that year she won a local battle of the buskers competition in Wexford, competing against 9 other fine young artists. all from Wexford town.

August 2017 she opened for 3 nights for award winning singer/songwriter Don Mescall.

September 2017 she opened for Deni Bonet, violinist for R.E.M/Sarah McLachlan/Cyndi Lauper.
October 2017 she was runner up at the crystal skull sessions in Sin E and December she opened for declan Sinnott in wexford . 2017 was indeed a very busy and successful year.

2018 kicked off with performances at the fortnight festival in dublin.She is currently working with orchard recording studios, laying down an a much anticipated ep which will be Released in the summer of this year.

She hopes to involve herself in plenty of charity gigs which she is passionate about ,especially for mental health charities. “Music is a great way to soothe the mind” , she says . “I want to give back and help others with my Music”.

Rachel Grace is one to watch for the future and at only 15 she has already began to make her presence felt around Ireland. As time passes , it is only a matter of time before we see Rachel , performing on a major stage In Ireland or even further .




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Darktown are a Sligo/Leitrim band who hit the Sligo music scene like a Grenade. Part post-punk revival, part neo-psychedelica ,Fans of Darktown are familiar with their ‘groove-noir’ style, woven-through with bleak, folk lyricism.

For the unanointed: each Darktown track creates a sonic landscape populated by a strange cast of characters. Unhinged preachers, moonstruck lovers, and lost souls abound.

Declan Drohan, dark balladeer and lead vocalist with the group, says that their EP ‘Deepwater Quay’ was “a statement of intent”. He describes their latest album release, ‘Machinery of Night’, as being “more sonically diverse” with a “broader palette of sound and rhythm” featuring “elements of dub and electronica”.


Reviewer Tony Floyd Kenna described Darktown as having “great songs” with “musical arrangements that allow the stories to breathe and develop”. The wild energy of their anarchic live performances has to be seen to be believed.


When making The Date it was imperative for us to find the right elements to bring the script to life. You can imagine our excitement when we were directed towards the music of Darktown. Their music is an integral part of the film. It helps create the atmosphere, the mood, it ushers us through the story.

The guys in Darktown have now been kind enough to make all four original songs used in The Date available for free download.

To quote our sound mixer Carl "These guys are great. Like the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds of Sligo".

Get your free Darktown download here:

The line-up is Declan Drohan on lead vocals and guitar; Donal Adams on keyboards, vocals, and guitar and beats; and John Daly on guitar, effects and atmospheres and drum programming..



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FreeSpeakingMonkey the brainchild of Ciaran Rock ( The Pale ) and fellow songwriter Brian Sweeney (Dune Collective) who form the partnership. They are currently releasing a 4 track cdl Dee Armstrong of Kila, sean O Donnell on drums and Percussion and Henry Pearse(Bass and Mandolin).

Ciaran Rock is singer songwriter who grew up on the north side of Dublin and from a young age put pen to paper and won his first literary award age 12 with his poetry. Heavily influenced by his older sisters and brothers record collections in the in the late 70s he picked up guitar and started to write songs with local groups in the 80s.
He was one of the original songwriters with The Pale (Darlings of the media early 90s)and wrote and performed on the Why go Bald album (featuring Dogs with No Tails and Butterfly )which later became Heres One We Made Before )released on AnM records.
He moved to Berlin where he met a band called Souls in Exile a multinational Indie Band and worked for 2 yrs in Berlin where the band released Hypnotized (one of Ciaran's songs) and made a living on the Berlin Circuit.

In the mid 90s he returned to Dublin to have his Family and during this period he formed the band Jekyll and the rock indie combo where well received by the press and in particular Eamonn Carr of Horslips helped launch the band. Jekyll released Ark a mini album on Crib records which some of the tracks can still be heard on radio and seen on YouTube .In 1998 he received an Irish Life Literary award for his Lyrics in his song Frames(Houdini s trick) which was chosen By Dermot Bolger.
Ciaran and his family left Dublin to move to the country and now live in the Northwest, kiltyclogher ,Co. Leitrim where he now sings and plays his songs in FreeSpeakingMonkey .


They are currently releasing a 4 track cdl Dee Armstrong of Kila and sean O Donnell on drums and Percussion
They have played mostly in the North west but have of late played at Knockan Stockan and in the bog cottage body and soul section of the Electric Picnic.



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