Benny Volance


Benny Volance is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from Dublin and has been living in Drogheda for 15 years. He has been playing on the live scene in Dublin and occasionally abroad. Benny works in his home based studio, Blue Bridge Studio to  hone each composition to his own vision.

First solo album “That’s What I’m Taking About” was released in 2007 contains that 10 tracks crystalizing Benny’s sidewards view of music and the world.



Released in November 2017, the 2nd album “ Interstellar 4 MM” was recorded over an 18 month period. Musically this album is a more stripped back affair  and musical references cover a wide range of genres including early blues, jazz, rock and roll and north African music. Some very talented local musicians contributed to the recording including stringed instrument specialist Sam Burke,  gifted pianist Joanne Kierwans and Benny’s son Daniel on lead guitar.  As part of his live set Benny is now playing tracks from the album with his son. 



More recently (June 2018) RTE’s John Creedon has aired a track "All I know is I Don’t Know", from the  album and made favourable comments about the quality of the songs in particular “Blue Suede Light” and “Anby Blue” and has promising to play more tunes.

Benny is currently recording his next album  provisionally titled “Indecent Haste” with a release date of early 2019. This album will be a return to a full band sound.

Interstellar 4 mm” is  distributed by Distrokid  and available to download on iTunes, Spotify,   Amazon and Apple Music.



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Tony Benn


Tony Benn is an Irish alt/folk singer/songwriter whose rugged, raw baritone rises from a whisper to a roar in his beautifully written stories of love, loss, hope and jubilation of everything that matters in life.

"His voice soars to devastating and beautiful effect." The Scope Magazine, Canada

"True, great, organic. There is something very special and honest about Tony Benn's songs and voice.". ( Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde and The Talking Heads )


A working musician from the west of Ireland travelling with a guitar and a duffel bag from gig to gig.  Tony has been playing music since the 90s when his grunge band Exploding Marmalade went into the Irish Top 30. Since then Tony's travels have taken him across the US, He has been a busker on the streets of Dublin and touring as an acoustic solo act in Europe.

Tony's forthcoming album “XXXX” was recorded live at The Animal Farm in London. It’s a powerful collection of raw and contemplative material that draws comparisons to Damien Rice, Eddie Vedder and John Martyn in a deeply introspective and uplifting lo-fi alt folk experience. Tony wields peerless soft power that offers sincerity, hope and worldly wisdom, proving that when you have it in you, you can blow it out.



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Tobi Kaye


Tobi Kaye was born in England to a musical home and grew up learning basic theory from his father ( A choir director and accomplished instrumentalist). Initially he began on drums at age 4 (once he was able to hold sticks without eating them or throwing them at people. Ah... good times)

" Growing up in a Gospel church as a child was both rewarding and terrifying if you have any sort of musical ability " He says .

" It's like the hunger games except instead of being killed and having it end there, you learn how inadequate you are and practice to death only to learn it again the next week. Fun! YAAAAAY! "

Tobi Kaye Growing up

Tobi Kaye took up guitar when he was 16. " Teenage Angst ". Plus it looked easy and he was told chicks dig guitar players. " How wrong was I " he says.  But it brought out his inner songwriter. In fact a lot of the songs he wrote back then are the framework for his upcoming E.P. "Be Together", "It Seems" and "Memories" are all products of his fumbling on guitar attempts to write music he liked.

Round 18 onward he took a turn for the worse emotionally. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and he had no real purpose for the longest time. Through it all, he had his music to keep him going while he figured out what he wanted. It wasn't till he moved to Galway that he really began to figure out what he wanted from life and essentially what he could live with or without.

Meeting up with the crew in Galway was fantastic. Tom Pyne and what would eventually go on to be the play open mic was and still is a fantastic resource for musicians in Galway!



Cover Band

Eventually he set up a cover band. We were rough around the edges but eventually became the current iteration of section 9. Over the years they performed in many venues including Monroe's tavern, Coyotes, The Cellar and Seven!

During this time he tried to play original music as well but it's hard to pay the bills when your trying to learn how to do so many things. He admits to letting himself down and shooting himself in the foot with a lot of people. I'm still only learning how not to do this.

Thankfully through fate or luck he always seems to meet some of the most talented people and work with them to create and achieve a collective vision of music and by extension, life. He managed to meet people who despite his apathy and lack of experience still believed that he could succeed in this business.

First Gigs

People such as Paul Noone of the Stock exchange Bar (Gave him his first Galway gig), Gary Monroe (Booked him as a Solo original artist and then booked his band Section 9 despite the vast amounts of talent available to him), Ferg McSweeney (who booked his Band in Seven and the cellar when they started, and cut us when we needed to go away and learn how to do our jobs right).

This year (2018) is a big one for Tobi because he finally started supporting himself purely from music." It's difficult to work and create when you can't afford to eat or live " He says. Sleeping rough, hanging out with friends, eating junk food, having no equipment or poor equipment, borrowing just to be able to gig. All of that lead to this point.

Tobi kaye is releasing his first EP this year. A lot of mistakes were made doing this time but in his opinion, you only fail when you give up.

Thanks for having a read and tobi hopes to see you soon at a venue somewhere near you !

Lastly he thanks his Mom. Supporting his pipe dream was not easy. " You gave up a lot to allow me to be in this position ".



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Oisín ó Scolaí and The Virginia Slims


Oisín ó Scolaí and The Virginia Slims have been writing and recording songs in their bedrooms since childhood and carry some of that lonesome lo-fi sound in their music today with influences from Cohen, Prine and Oberst.

After the success of 2016 " One for Sorrow Two for Joy " EP, which Oisín wrote and produced ,he gathered musicians from Derry’s thriving music scene to create Oisín ó Scolaí & The Virginia Slims.

His  EP " full of Water " stamped his ground as a songwriter and makes the listener a little uncomfortable with his brutal self confession and a strange perspective of the world around him.

UpComing Album for Oisín ó Scolaí and The Virginia Slims

A wash of redo-wave synth and chorus laden guitar would find its way onto the Ó Scolaí sound in the upcoming debut album “Vacant Sea” (2019), but Oisín and his collaborators never lost touch with their thoughtful folk roots. Tracks like Lunalae and Audience of Unease where he creates striking imagery from mundane reality.

The album also focus on feeling lost in your twenties and modern anxieties, from the oddity of displaying emotion online

“All the plagiary profits and the sad bastard poets, all make their way to the sea, putting rocks in their pockets”…

The deeply relaxing sound of " Holiday Homes " which oddly describes outbursts of ugly rage.

“I believe firmly it’s a strange time to be alive, making it a wonderful time to be a song writer”

Oisín ó Scolaí continued his tradition of writing and recording everything in his home studio (Drums in the kitchen/Vocals in the pantry) but no longer confined to the lo-fi sound and the result was “Vacant Sea”, which added elements of folk and electronic pop to an already varied stylistic palette.




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