Doppler - A Memory


After winning  the coveted IMRO Clancy Brothers songwriting competition  back in 2015, the future looked very bright for Jamie Mulrooney  AKA “Doppler ” and seemed on the cusp of something special. Ever since then things went a little sideways..

This wasn’t the first or the last accolade the Mayo born singer/songwriter amassed over the years either. Receiving a string of glowing press features in Hot Press, The Irish Times,, Chordblossom  things seemed on the up and up for the guy and Doppler was even scouted by Atlantic Records at one time.

Doppler Accolades

Doppler has gained plenty of other accolades including being voted Song of the Week (2XM), Song of the Day (JOE), Listen of the Week (U&I), Featured Single of the Week ( Right Chord Music),  to name just a few.

He has shared the stage with the likes of Gavin James, Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey, The Blizzards, The Saw Doctors, Jackie Beverly  and even played with Bonehead  from Oasis  a couple of times.

Ceili Ukulele

Before releasing the award winning track “  The Truth is Not Your Own ”  Jamie fell out of love with songwriting, recording and performing solo and decided to put the whole thing on hold and instead pursued a new career….in “ukulele tutoring”. and is now responsible for the  largest ukulele programme in the country,''Ceili Ukulele ” teaching 800 (YES 800) children a week in national schools for Music Generation.

After an influential recording session with Tommy McGlaughin (Villagers, SOAK)  recently in Attica Studios, Jamie decided to get back in the game and plan this long overdue return to releasing music.

Doppler Collaborations

“Doppler” is now a musical collective  featuring collaborations with many great new Irish artists. “  A Memory  ”  features long standing Doppler member “Noel Gallagher” (not THAT Noel Gallagher), Kevin Holmes ( The Kerbs)  and Kevin Donnellan ( The Third Rehearsal).

“  A Memory ” is like one side of your brain is arguing with the other ” explains Mulrooney. “Essentially it's the struggle to stay positive. How memories can change over time. What you thought was important can turn out to be insignificant when things change. ” The video was filmed by award winning filmmaker Bill Moldt who is currently based in LA. The stunningly worked video grabs the lyrics and takes us for a winding spin in a 1950’s Cadillac through the artistically animated desert and drops us off in the cinema. Many many hours went into the making of this painstakingly crafted video. Hop into the car and watch it  HERE


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Dave Williams


Dave Williams is a songwriter based in Tipperary Ireland. His lyric rich songs are built on a unique sound that explores the space between pop and rock. 

Every step in your presence. Every berry, unspoilt by touch. 

Every whisper through the boughs. All suggest as much. 

Rhyme in search of reason. Words, borne of thoughts, carried on feelings, shining a light in dark corners. Assembled in the correct order at the opportune moment, for the briefest of fleeting instances, all there is that needs to be known is captured. 

The Dave Williams songbook will remain largely unpublished. There is too much that needs to be interpreted. The sheer volume leaves not enough time to craft each composition to a form deserving musical clarity. 

Every inhale of aroma. Every fly in the face. 

Every glance from my shadow. Your gift my next pace. 


Spotify- Dave Williams

From a young age, fear of failure was both a neck pendant and a driving force. Perfection, as a state, even then caused restriction whilst at the same time lighting a fire, learning the act of balance in a spinning world. Different strategies emerged naturally that sought to mitigate any debilitating behaviour. Sport proved an invaluable outlet for nervous tension and energy. Music came later. 

Education in the teenage years introduced poetry to the mix, nudging open a door inviting the mind down an unexplored path. Lyrics from the songs of popular, mainly rock, artists of the day resonated. Choruses provided refuge or community, whichever was needed. Initial tentative steps into composition enabled the packaging of experience into smaller bundles that were both manageable and comprehensible. An invaluable tool had been discovered. Self- expression, for the self. 

Every whistle and flutter. Every rustle and crack. 

Every leaf swirling earthwards. Your warmth on my back. 

BandCamp - Dave Williams

Dave Williams Decision.

Somewhere in his mid twenties, a conscious decision to use rhyme and poetry to help consolidate and decipher thoughts was made. It marked a significant turning point. Whatever new challenge was to present itself, the prospect of facing either its starkness or open ended possibility, armed simply with vocabulary and an intention to use it, proved reassuringly empowering. 

All along the way the road was paved with a patterned musical soundtrack. Irrespective of genre, drawn to the golden parcels of sound and sentiment reflecting the world he knew and echoing the calling and ambition inside. Consuming in private or marvelling amongst the masses, this was a vehicle. Headphone agitators, stage Gods, a platform, a purpose. To be heard! 

Every ingredient here provided. Every reason, an amount. 

Every thought, however flippant. Each moment must count. 

Six strings. A left hand guided by the right. The body and mind connected. Marrying words and melodies inevitably meant that others beyond the safe zone were invited in. Music needs to be heard. Playing catch up with the new mathematical language required the skills and talents of others to flesh out what was emerging. Collaboration is both a necessity and a major bonus. The opportunity to experiment alongside other creators is a joy. The fluid nature of the process only serves to inspire. 

All around here is mine. Doorstep-sunbathing my heart. 

Life in essence, time in its smallest part. 

Playlist by Dave Williams


Each song that ends up stood in front of some curious third party stands there vulnerable and asking to be judged. It is a projection of an experienced feeling or collection of emotions, brought about by thoughts, triggered by a particular set of circumstances at a moment in time. A fleeting silhouette, it serves to make the vastness of being more manageable. 

For a long time, what was felt seemed uniquely personal. Suppression was often safer than expression. There is much to be gained from looking in the mirror and not hiding from the reflection. When light fades there are shadows and then dark. Transience is beauty. Beauty is truth. Truth is the quest. 


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Sam Hardiman

Sam Hardiman is a 23-year old songwriter/producer based in Dublin, Ireland. Sam’s musical life began at a very young age, taking up the piano at 5 years of age, before being granted an entrance scholarship to study classical piano in the Royal Irish Academy of Music at the age of 9.


Sam Hardiman then ventured into writing his own compositions at the age of 15, eventually debuting his original work by performing ‘His First Flight’, a piece based on the short story of the same name by Liam O’Flaherty, in Dublin’s National Concert Hall in January 2015. Music was therefore a vital part of Hardiman’s time in school, playing in orchestras and bands for school productions any chance he was given, and later encouraging him to pursue music into third level education.


Music Technology

Sam Hardiman began his degree studying music in Trinity College Dublin in September 2015. Upon entering his third year of college, he opted to specialise in music technology and eventually graduated with a first class honours degree in November 2019.Throughout his time in university, Sam worked as a professional composer and sound designer for theatre and film, with major credits including WELL THAT’S WHAT I HEARD (The Breadline Collective), B(L)OOM, (Tasteinyourmouth Productions), VIVA VOCE (Lauren Shannon Jones), and DON’T SING Original Screen Musical (IADT Graduate Showcase).

In the summer of 2019, Sam Hardiman released a collection of pieces he composed for hit Dublin theatre production ELECTRIC, written by and starring his sister Ali Hardiman, which then went on to enjoy a 4-month tour of Ireland and the U.K., culminating in a three week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Hardiman and his sister continue to collaborate through ILA Productions, the theatre company they founded and run together.

Trinity College Music Society

His musical involvement in Trinity College extended beyond his degree and his work as a sound designer, with Sam becoming heavily involved in Trinity College Music Society. In the 2017/2018 year Sam was in charge of managing all social media accounts in the society, before becoming the Events Officer for the 2018/2019 year. In November 2018, Hardiman and the Music Society held Trinity’s first ever Multicultural Musical Showcase, which earned the award for Best Collaborative Event, and earned Hardiman the award for Individual of the Year in Trinity College’s Society of the Year awards, March 2019.

‘A Strange Kind of Intimate’ marks Hardiman’s official entry into the industry as a singer-songwriter. The 4-track record was written as part of his thesis in his final year of college, entitled ‘The impact of the internet on musical collaboration, and a comparison of its effectiveness compared with traditional face-to-face collaboration.’ The first track, WYA, features the talents of New-York based singer-songwriter Alidade and Texas-based guitarist Giorgio Suarez, both of whom Hardiman collaborated with over the internet. COMPOSING MUSIC, however, was co-written with Dublin poet Anna Dalton, with THE AVA SESSIONS being co-written and co-produced with fellow producer GEF, both of whom are close friends of Hardiman’s.


Collaboration is therefore a very important part of this debut EP, with Sam Hardiman himself saying, “I really value the idea of my own style and my own musical tastes being a mere common thread throughout my work. Collaborating with different artists allows each track to exist in its own space, to be distinct from one another, and this really helps me to achieve different forms of expression and explore new territories. Not to mention it allows me to improve as a musician and is a whole heap of fun in general.”

The EP itself covers a wide range of topics, with the introspection of WYA and the anxiety PANIC ATTACK contrasting the serene romance in the penultimate track COMPOSING MUSIC, and the finale THE AVA SESSIONS offering a critique of our society’s reliance on technology, using a metaphor from Alex Garland’s 2014 film EX MACHINA.

Musical Background

Sam Hardiman’s wide musical background and the diverse range of collaborations allow for a synthesis of styles on this record, with elements of classical piano, electronic music and mellow ambience being spread throughout the four tracks.

Sam Hardiman takes the authenticity of his lyrics and his musical approach very seriously, and is quoted in saying “Although there is an argument to be made for music that speaks for itself, I’ve always found I can connect with the world of a song more deeply when I understand the mind of the writer. That’s what I’m trying to achieve with this EP I want people to understand why I wrote these songs so they can get more out of them.”


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