44-Irish Indie Pop Band

44-Irish Indie Pop Band


44-Irish Indie Pop Band is a line on a map, a year, an age, a psalm, a beat, an idea, a number, is recognisable, and a single second in time.
This time is ours !

44 are an Irish Indie Pop Band with founding members Harrison & Leon. While 44 is only in its infancy,
the guys have played in other notable bands in the past, and have been held in high regard as Songwriters, and live

But this is a fresh start, where nothing gets in the way of the song, everything is on the table, to bring strong melodies,
riffs and samples, to the forefront. Over the past twelve months, locked away in their studio, on the western edge of
Europe, they crafted a long list of edgy pop tunes, and with a complete openness, have brought them screaming into a
digital age. With influences from Imagine Dragons to Tears for fears, Lorde to The National, these songs are eclectic,
but brought together with flowing bass lines from Leon, and ultra catchy melodies from Harrison.

The Empire is Over

"The Empire is Over Ep" is a collection of 4 new songs and 4 new videos, which will be released on AUGUST 9th 2019 .
The songs are stories of who, when and why, we strive to create our own personal empires. It’s filled with moments of
love, loss, and triumph along the way. It’s been a journey to put these four very personal songs together, while
events, both personal, and global, have shaped the tone of the EP.
“We hope you can find your own journey in these songs, and fight to hold on to, your own Empire” - 44.

So please give us a follow, add us to your playlists and give us a shout out on social. we will be in touch with a T-Shirt (while stocks last) website and more pictures www.44theband.com

contact: [email protected]


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