Dublin based NY rocker, Brew, kick-starts 2023 in virile fashion with his fifth solo single release, WALK ALONE. Doused in jangling guitars and delivered with Brew's trademark punk swagger, this melodic pop gem belies the dark underlying theme of futile hopelessness often found in human relationships. The uplifting chorus sees a defiant Brew declare his intention that this toxic relationship will have “no more hold on me”, offering hope for others in hopeless situations.  

The single was produced by Minneapolis producer, August Ogren,  Ogren’s love for melody and the analogue recording production techniques he used to great success with Cork band Rowan, made Dublin resident Ogren, the perfect foil for Brew's pop/punk pedigree. The single also reunites Brew for the first time in 25 years with Kiwi guitarist Brett Lemmon, who brings some sparkling riffs to proceedings.

Recording took place at Dublin’s The Clinic Studios late last year with pre-production at The Bunker Studios and mixing at Camden Recording Studios Brew recalled how Ogren asked to hear an unfinished piece of work. Brew happened to have a chorus of WALK ALONE recorded acapella to voice memo while stumbling back home from a night out in Dublin’s city centre.

Originally the song poked fun at people refusing to go out post-Covid when restrictions had been lifted. The revised version is the one Ogren heard and saw the potential in. Brew thought his compatriot producer was having a laugh. However, the results are no laughing matter and with any luck, Brew will be laughing all the way to the top of the Charts.  Release day for WALK ALONE March 3rd , 2023!

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