Castle Street Band

Castle Street consists of brothers Jordan and Ruadhán Mew, originally from Roscommon. They started their gigging careers in their early teens in busy gigging bands. They played pubs, clubs, weddings and wakes all over the country, but never in the same band! In 2012, after Jordan used his bass skills to win free studio time, they recorded their original tracks, and Castle Street was born. Unfortunately, soon after those recordings were completed, Ruadhán took off to spend some time in the South of France. Afterwards, it was university kept the brothers separated, Ruadhán in Maynooth and Jordan in the Netherlands. Now and again the band got together for a one-off gig, and the lads knew that “having a real go at the music” was inevitable. Over two years, Castle Street made several trips to Sligo to record their songs at The Blue Room studio. 2017 saw the completion of their debut full-length album and relocate to Cork.


Over the years, the DIY ethos has been at the heart of everything this band does. Several homemade videos and demos lead up to the professional recording of their album. Castle Street distributes their own CDs and makes their own posters and artwork. 2018 is looking very promising for the brothers, with an album hot off the press, a short German tour booked, and the ambition to play a full summer of festivals!


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