Sauce Gang

Sauce Gang

Formed in 2020 amidst the global pandemic, Sauce Gang Collective is a groundbreaking fusion project hailing from Ireland. The band comprises Lenin Mitchell (Vocals), Kevin Kennedy (Vocals), Rhyss Davies (Guitar & Vocals), Mark Moloney (Bass & Vocals), Neil O'Flanagan (Keys), and Sam Shepard (Drums). Their unique blend of alternative rock and hip-hop has quickly made waves in the music scene.

The group burst onto the scene in 2022 with their debut album, "Bangers 'n' Brown Sauce," which showcased their fresh, bold, hip-rock sound. Since then, they have been honing their craft, amassing over 40,000 total listens, performing sold-out shows, and building a strong discography of self-produced work. Sauce Gang Collective stands out as a distinctive force in the Irish music scene.

Their new album, "Mustard Melodies," pushes the boundaries of genre, continuing their trend of challenging musical norms and appealing to trend-setting listeners. This latest release is a testament to their songwriting, arranging, and genre-fusing prowess, capturing the essence of contemporary Irish music.

Sauce Gang


Describing "Mustard Melodies," the band shares: "'Mustard Melodies' is a refined version of our sound. Our first album was about having fun, figuring it out, and recording random songs in a bedroom that we thought sounded cool. We realized there was a certain 'magic' in our sound when performing live with drums, electric guitars, and a loud, energetic vibe.

This album captures that live energy and showcases our constant tug of war between genres, featuring rock, pop, hip-hop, funk, indie, and everything in between. Recorded mostly at Pirate Studios in north Dublin, while still maintaining our independent sound with some home recordings, 'Mustard Melodies' is something we're truly proud of. This project defines us as a collective and as individuals, with its highs, fun moments, and low, sad times. We're excited to share this journey with anyone willing to join us."

"Mustard Melodies" not only defines Sauce Gang Collective but also encapsulates their dynamic as friends and musicians, making it a must-listen for fans of innovative and genre-blending music.

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