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We invite Artists to take a good look around within the musibiz website and read some of the Articles or listen to some of the Artists. 

Contact Us for any Music Marketing & Service inquiries:

Many thanks on reaching out to our contact page. By now you will have a very good idea what we are all about. If you are an Artist who wants to bring your Music Career to the next stage then Music Marketing is the way to go.

Please tell me all about you and your goals. I like to get a good idea where you are and where you want to go. I will contact you after and we can discuss your project in More detail .

There is absolutely no obligation to you contacting me. All enquiries are welcome and will be answered.

Contact Us to submit you Music

You can also submit your complete Press pack and be considered for a feature on our website. I look for a BIO of at least 600 words along with all available links and Pictures. You can also ask any questions you may have moving forward . I will be happy to answer any questions and I will also contact you if your Music will be included on the Musibiz website.


Why not go to our New Irish Artist Section and listen to some new music from Artists all over Ireland. HERE 


Michael Kiernan

CEO & Marketing