Dave Williams

Dave Williams


Dave Williams is a songwriter based in Tipperary Ireland. His lyric rich songs are built on a unique sound that explores the space between pop and rock. 

Every step in your presence. Every berry, unspoilt by touch. 

Every whisper through the boughs. All suggest as much. 

Rhyme in search of reason. Words, borne of thoughts, carried on feelings, shining a light in dark corners. Assembled in the correct order at the opportune moment, for the briefest of fleeting instances, all there is that needs to be known is captured. 

The Dave Williams songbook will remain largely unpublished. There is too much that needs to be interpreted. The sheer volume leaves not enough time to craft each composition to a form deserving musical clarity. 

Every inhale of aroma. Every fly in the face. 

Every glance from my shadow. Your gift my next pace. 


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From a young age, fear of failure was both a neck pendant and a driving force. Perfection, as a state, even then caused restriction whilst at the same time lighting a fire, learning the act of balance in a spinning world. Different strategies emerged naturally that sought to mitigate any debilitating behaviour. Sport proved an invaluable outlet for nervous tension and energy. Music came later. 

Education in the teenage years introduced poetry to the mix, nudging open a door inviting the mind down an unexplored path. Lyrics from the songs of popular, mainly rock, artists of the day resonated. Choruses provided refuge or community, whichever was needed. Initial tentative steps into composition enabled the packaging of experience into smaller bundles that were both manageable and comprehensible. An invaluable tool had been discovered. Self- expression, for the self. 

Every whistle and flutter. Every rustle and crack. 

Every leaf swirling earthwards. Your warmth on my back. 

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Dave Williams Decision.

Somewhere in his mid twenties, a conscious decision to use rhyme and poetry to help consolidate and decipher thoughts was made. It marked a significant turning point. Whatever new challenge was to present itself, the prospect of facing either its starkness or open ended possibility, armed simply with vocabulary and an intention to use it, proved reassuringly empowering. 

All along the way the road was paved with a patterned musical soundtrack. Irrespective of genre, drawn to the golden parcels of sound and sentiment reflecting the world he knew and echoing the calling and ambition inside. Consuming in private or marvelling amongst the masses, this was a vehicle. Headphone agitators, stage Gods, a platform, a purpose. To be heard! 

Every ingredient here provided. Every reason, an amount. 

Every thought, however flippant. Each moment must count. 

Six strings. A left hand guided by the right. The body and mind connected. Marrying words and melodies inevitably meant that others beyond the safe zone were invited in. Music needs to be heard. Playing catch up with the new mathematical language required the skills and talents of others to flesh out what was emerging. Collaboration is both a necessity and a major bonus. The opportunity to experiment alongside other creators is a joy. The fluid nature of the process only serves to inspire. 

All around here is mine. Doorstep-sunbathing my heart. 

Life in essence, time in its smallest part. 

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Each song that ends up stood in front of some curious third party stands there vulnerable and asking to be judged. It is a projection of an experienced feeling or collection of emotions, brought about by thoughts, triggered by a particular set of circumstances at a moment in time. A fleeting silhouette, it serves to make the vastness of being more manageable. 

For a long time, what was felt seemed uniquely personal. Suppression was often safer than expression. There is much to be gained from looking in the mirror and not hiding from the reflection. When light fades there are shadows and then dark. Transience is beauty. Beauty is truth. Truth is the quest. 


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