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I have being asked quite a few times about who are the Best Digital Distributors around today. To be honest there are all pretty much the same in their fee structure. There is one that stands out in regards to having more supports for artists. When I research for the best, I look for new innovative ideas being explored and implemented .

I have done a bit of research on some of the big ones like TuneCore, CD Baby and DistroKid and the new MusicDiffusion. I am edging towards MusicDiffusion for a number of reasons. They seem to be the more progressive in regards to the services they provide   .

What is the Best Digital Distribution Platform


MusicDiffusion is the new Kid on the block but I am quite impressed with their platform. Along with having a very competitive Package it offers a free website for artists. Its has also launched a social network so artists from all the world can connect with the music community. This is a game changer in my opinion. It seems these guys went all out for their music community and they seem to be introducing new features all the time

A few comparisons



As far as fee charges, DistroKid seem to be the best but they seem to recoup this by doubling up on Youtube fees. To be honest they all seem to be pretty much the same when you Judge it on the overall fee structure. I like the Release Leverage MusicDiffusion has. It knocks the rest out of the park for turnaround speed.  It’s a very solid platform with so many really good services on offer. They have a free package too so I would advise that you sign up and take a look around yourself. There are lots in there for you to study. Get onto its social network too and start getting plugged in.  I can definitely see this new Distribution Company fast becoming the place to do your business .

So there you guys. Musibiz is giving MusicDiffusion its seal of approval as the most progressive Distribution Company out there at the moment . At the end of the day you will have your own preferences but I really like this one. Leave a comment if you are already connected with them and give us a little feedback . If you decide to Join then update us and tells us your experiences .


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5 thoughts on “Digital Distribution-The Most Progressive

  1. Julia

    i use this platform since some months and I’m delighted with it.
    Really nice support and pro services that are really amazing for no price, I recommend them as well.

  2. Lucia

    They claim to distribute for some mainstream singers like snoop dogg. How true are these claims? A company that distributes for high profile singers should have more press but there’s limited info on them online

  3. Matt Reeves

    MusicDiffusion seems to be part of the music label Most Wanted Music which released tracks with rappers like Snoop Dogg… Then it just seems logical there than Most Wanted use its own distribution service (MusicDiffusion) to release at least their own projects which such big names if it is not more, and to promote it on their service, no? Also my marketing professor always used to told during my studies that a company just need to get press when they are in crisis and need to have more customers. No press then just mean they don’t need it to get business…. and this seems to be more a good sign than a bad one in this case.

    I’m an user of MusicDiffusion since I found this article, and honestly it is the best one I have used so far. I was with Tunecore before, and I also used Distrokid and I moved since all my music catalog to MusicDiffusion.
    It is preferable to not start your career with MusicDiffusion as their tools are really “pros” oriented and not easy for beginners. It may be a little complicated with them if you know nothing about the music distribution.
    Also, their social network is also a big step that make this company incomparable to any other music distribution, and it is really looking like a Facebook, but for musicians! It’s really wow when you get in. MusicDiffusion really spent time to create a big community of musicians, and we can see it everyday when you use their services!
    Today, I just received a new newsletter from them saying than they are now distribution to TikTok, Yandex, Savaan and much more and that I could send my music catalog to those new channels for free directly from my dashboard without giving them a penny more than my actual unlimited plan which have cost me only 15,99 euros.
    I have also to say they have offered me my first release cause my credit card was not accepted for my first order!! What company do that? They do, and that’s why I respect them so much!

    Thank you musibiz for this review that have send me to discover what is now a great music partner for me: MusicDiffusion.

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