Ireland's next Great Rock Group

If you are looking for the next great rock act to come out of Ireland then you need look no further than Elevation falls. They were introduced to me back in 2013 when they first formed and if i'm honest, I seen a lot more improvement to come from them at that time.

The Band

What struck me about this Band at first was Hazel Jade Rogers ( Lead Vocalist ) . She had an incredible Range and confidence for such a young performer back then . Like most Bands, they have had their ups and downs at the beginning with Member changes throughout the years but they have it just right at present and have an excellent range of talented musicians.

Chris Young and Darragh Shields are on lead guitars with tremendous skills and what I like about them is there is no ego between them . Each exceptionally talented in their own right but when on stage they seem to gel their talent together equally with each encouraging the other. Its very special to watch .

Next comes Gabriel Grecco ( Bass guitarist ). This guy is a ball of energy on stage and you just can't take your eyes off him. He goes into a world of his own and seems to physically respresting the overall beat of the band. There is a lot going on on stage Guys. Goosebumps with every track is the only way to describe it  .

I love the new drummer. Alex Sanchez De Ordena is the business. Very cool looking guy and reminds me of a rock star from the eighties . He looks the part and by God, can he play.

Super Talented Vocalist

So back to Hazel Jade Rogers again. She has developed into one of the best vocalists we have here in Ireland  Hazel engages with her audience at every opportunity and can deliver whatever the crowd demands . Don't get me wrong here , This is an original Band but you will be surprised with what they come up with on the night. Just to please the crowd you can expect some Phil Lynott, Gary moore, Alter Bridge and even Hozier rocked up to balance the theme of the night. Hazel's vocals are flawless and awe inspiring that leave you with an unforgettable experience and wanting more .

In the decade I have being involved in the Music Industry, I can safely say that I haven't seen any other Band that compares to Elevation falls in their overall performance. I've seen many thousands of artists since I first began my own campaign to help and advise Independent Artists. This band for me is the best around at present. I am very happy to give them this small review as a thanks for their Music.

Their new album " What Will Be " is out now and was Recorded and produced by Alwyn Walker from " Westland studios " In Dublin . The Studio and producer speaks for itself about the quality of this band . Go buy this album guys . you will not be disappointed and its only the start from this great Band .


I have to give a final mention to their Manager Belinda Rogers who has moulded this Band into what it is . Seldom Artist managers get a credit for their efforts . They are the backbone of any great artist and Belinda is no exception . She has worked tirelessly to bring this all together . She has sacrificed her time and money to this project and my congratulations to her on building this unique Band that will stand the test of time .

To all the Major labels out there . Check out this band in Ireland as they are ready to go . Elevation Falls have a big fan base and people will support them with a Label's help. They are a nice bunch of individuals who just want to play music and entertain others. The band are humble , respectful to everyone and above all exceptionally talented with a big future in my opinion . Go and see them perform . Their live performance is better than their recordings . Live performance is the key to any great band and this band are at the top of their game. It's only a matter of time before someone will spot them and sign them immediately. I really hope it's very soon .

Youtube tracks for the latest Album " What Will Be ".

Buy The Album here

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