Irish Indie Chart ( New Irish Music Paradigm )

It's being a crazy journey and the Irish Indie Chart is my answer to a broken Music Industry.


It's being over 10 years since I started my Journey into the Irish Music Industry. I got involved with the sheer frustration I saw in artists while working in Bars and Venues. I have booked 1000s of acts over the years and lack of opportunity has always being the top of the conversation.

I started off with absolutely no experience in the Music Industry or Computer knowledge. This was going to be a serious challenge and full of obstacles but I didn't care.  I wanted to create the opportunity that had eluded so many artists in the past. I wasn't a total greenhorn. I did have 25 years plus of business experience. I had run a couple of businesses of my own and had also managed many premises over the years. I also loved music and connected with the Artists that created it. They are a special bunch and creating new opportunities for them was something I needed to do.

I have always being more of an experiencer rather than Reader to understand a particular problem, I can safely say that I have had many Experiences and believe I have a good understanding to the many challenges today's artists have. It is not an easy Industry to understand as there are so many areas to consider, including phycological aspects to it. To understand the phycological effects and motivations of any particular approach to the industry is essential to any solution.

Irish Indie Chart is the result of my intensive delve into all aspects of the Music Industry. It is the result of what I have learned from running my own social network at the beginning of my campaign To running Various events to fully understand what are the motivating factors that can change this industry. To talent scouting for some of today's biggest music competitions and understanding the need for a new Paradigm for independents. To speaking with major figures in the world of showbusiness that have been generous with sharing their Knowledge with me.To Teaching Myself about the importance of social media and the world of Digital Marketing as a tool for the artist. To running my own unique Music Venue for independent artists to get a further insight into a workable solution between the artist and the Venue.  There are so many more lessons, ideas that have brought me to this point and I will be attempting to put everything I have learned to date, into the Irish Indie Chart new paradigm.

This is no way the final solution to the problem we have in the Music Industry but it does attempt to solve the serious problem of getting Music to the Irish Chart. In my opinion, this is critical to have any chance of a successful Music Career. Everything opens up more when artists can do that. Radio, TV, Festivals are all essential parts of the popular demand process but few will reach this without some chart success. Irish Indie Chart will be the first step towards this process. It is the step that has being missing all this time. There is no between process or progression process in the Music Industry in Ireland. Artists are left to their own devices and are told to be on this website and this social media site etc. These are all fine but with no driving force in regards to actually going somewhere will end up in frustration. Irish Indie Chart will be the driving force where artists will have the opportunity of being on the Indie chart, to begin with and progress within it. You will also have the opportunity to enter the official Charts through the Irish Indie Chart Paradigm. More information about this will be available on the launch of Irish Indie Chart in 2018. We will also have an official awards event for those who progressed to the top of the chart by the end of each year.

The Irish Indie Chart is open to any artist who has an Ep or album coming out in 2018. I am looking for submissions for all artists who are interested in this new approach for 2018. I am looking for a 300 word BIo along with all available links to your Music. I would like to get to know you and your music before launch. When I have enough submissions I will compile the Official Chart with the information I have and we can begin the process


A nice collection of Irish Artists collected up over the years



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