KÎND: Ascending Beyond Boundaries

In the pulsating heart of modern rock stands KÎND, a quintet sculpting the very essence of sonic evolution. Founded by the visionary composer, guitarist, and vocalist, Matt Redmond, KÎND emerges as a beacon of melodic progressive rock, transcending the ordinary with each resounding note.

Within the hallowed halls of BIMM, Matt's creative fervor ignited a quest for musical transcendence. Fuelled by a desire to weave together disparate elements of pop's infectious melodies, metal's thunderous guitar riffs, jazz's intricate harmonies, and the ethereal blend of dual male and female vocals, KÎND was born.

With four audacious releases already under their belt, including their latest single, "Philosopher’s Wish," unveiled on the 25th of April 2024, KÎND has firmly entrenched themselves as pioneers of the genre. Their sonic odyssey knows no bounds, as evidenced by their electrifying performances at renowned festivals such as Whelan's One's to Watch, EXOH’s Next Big Thing, and the hallowed grounds of YouBloom in Phoenix Park.

But it is not merely their past conquests that define KÎND; it is the promise of what lies ahead. With a headline show at The Soundhouse igniting the flames of anticipation, KÎND prepares to unleash a torrent of creativity upon the world in 2024, promising a deluge of music that eclipses anything they've dared before.

Maximillion Foy of DeMars Magazine eloquently captures the essence of KÎND's meteoric rise, stating, "KÎND are clearly in the ascendancy. The striking assuredness that comes with each release belies their status as a band still in its infancy, and I can think of no other band on the scene today that has the same volcanic potential."

In an era where conformity reigns, KÎND stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of musical exploration. With their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound, KÎND beckons listeners to embark on a journey into the uncharted realms of musical transcendence.

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