Musibiz is becoming a Social Network

Musibiz is becoming a Social Network

Musibiz will become a Social Network in 2023 for a whole range of reasons. When I first started out with my Music campaign I launched Livemicsworld as a Social Network but it didn't have the tools I needed to assist the Artist and I closed it down two years later. Better private Social networks are available now with new tools that I believe will be very helpful to musicians here in Ireland and indeed anywhere throughout the world.

My aim from the very beginning was to provide a place where the Musician / Band could use a platform that had a community that was dedicated to promoting each artist. At the same time having a platform that provided opportunities to those that were using the services within the platform to better themselves. In otherwards, both working together to advance New and Independent Music. 

This was not possible at the very beginning and led me down other avenues including launching Musibiz and opening a new music venue in Sligo in 2015. I quickly realised that although these two were parts of the overall plan, there were many pieces missing and that was mostly community and the missing tools i spoke of earlier. As the saying goes. " you learn with experience " and during those experiences, I picked up a lot of knowledge of what was going on in the music community and why it wasn't progressing.  

I took a break for a number of years as I was tired of all the brick walls and needed a break from this project and my unstable career at the time. Over the past few years I had to readjust my life completely to fit in with what I really wanted to do and that was coaching people to find their true purpose. I now work as a Life coach and entrepreneur that involves improving lives and keeping an eye on my own so I don't get distracted like I did previously.  I also reconnected with an old friend I had living in California. John Hartmann had worked as a manager in the industry for over 50 years and was retired. I remember him telling me about his desire to educate musicians on how the industry worked so they would have a better idea about the industry and how to navigate it. We both decided to bring that idea to the public and the Holodigm Academy was born.    

So I am coming back to my old project again that was shelved for a while. I left the website live as there were a few articles up there that were useful to Artists and I wanted it available to them when they searched online for information. I believe it is now time to continue with my own desire and finish what I intended to do and that is to bring new music out and the musicians that create it. I believe that this has been stunted long enough and a new formula is necessary for this artistic expression. 

I would like to create an Independent community who are willing to find new ways to have their music heard and also a sustainable future for them. It saddens me listening to so many talented artists going unnoticed and also having to scrape a living at something they love and I feel called to help out at this time. 

I have to also say that I cannot do this on my own as I have done in the past. It must be a community effort as I provide the platform. Without the community it will not have the spark needed  to progress this project. Commitment is the Key to everything and Ideas from others will help this move along with a better flow.

So I have a few suggestions for the Independent Community of artists in Ireland. As you will be the very first country forging the new path for the rest of the world, I would like your suggestions as to what you need from such a platform if it was available to you? What missing pieces are you seeing or experiencing that I could possibly help you with? 

I will keep my own Ideas a secret for now as there are many out there that are more than happy with me providing ideas for them.  I have learnt over the years to keep things close to my chest or the original idea gets distorted in ways that do not serve the artist. There are also very good people out there that I know will assist me and hopefully the Artist community will get behind this and allow it to grow along with them. 

Anyway guys, those of you who managed to get the whole way down this blog, i salute you and would like for you to make any suggestions in the comment section. I take everything on board and will answer each comment.   

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