Musibiz wants to work with an act in Ireland. If you are an original Band or artist that needs some help with all aspects of your Music Career then this could be a good opportunity.

I have over 30 years experience in Business Management and have dedicated a decade around the Music Industry . Take a look around the website and decide for yourself if I am the right fit for you .

My decision to work with an act will be based on demographics, potential , Talent and a positive outlook .My personal taste in Music varies but Rock would be one of my favorites. A good live performance with lots of engagement with the audience is critical for me .

I am not too worried about your social media or online presence as this can be built up with the proper steps put in place .

I can help set up a website and manage it . I can manage all social media and email marketing campaigns .I can represent you to various Venues when you are ready . I can organise events . On a personal level , I can organise the act and deal with personal issues that may arise. I am a certified Life coach and therapist so I can help with motivation and life skills so you can become the best of you .

I am looking for a professionally minded act who just needs someone to step in and open up some doors and understands the business very well .  An Act that can take direction and implement it when needed .

I am willing to donate 12 months of my time to this act and after that we can see if there is a future for us to work together.I will put my full effort into you and i expect the same from you . If I do not receive this then we will part company very quickly. I don’t want to waste my time as life is very short and i want to spend my time on some act that is willing to put in the required work to succeed .

Managing an act is a serious business and all involved have to be on the same page if this is to work the way you would like . I hope i don’t come across as being bossy ? I just want this to work for you and know what is required .It takes consistency , accountability and focus to succeed in this business .

Anyway that’s it guys . Go to the contact page and tell me a little about your act and you. What you would like to do and where you are musically. I will answer everyone and advise.

Thank you all in advance .


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