Music Management Coaching for Independent Artists

I’ve been conflicted these past few months about where my career was going. It’s not Long ago that I announced on my social media that I was getting out of Music altogether. I felt a sense of relief after posting my announcement and knew that I had made the right decision. Serving artists for over a decade for free had really taken its toll on me both emotionally and financially. It just wasn’t working and I had become frustrated. Life was going in a different direction I had to take action.


Reasons I got involved in Music?

I got involved in music for lots of reasons. Mainly because I love music and the people that were making it didn’t seem to have any real support. I wanted to help in some way but had no idea where to begin and how I could possibly help anyone. Nearly 12 years later and it seemed that had got nowhere in this regard.

What did I learn?

I learned quite a lot about the industry and where the problems were. I targeted these areas one at a time but always came up short. You see trying to change a whole industry is not an easy thing to do. People get set in their ways and usually have a very negative outlook in Regards to a music career. Who can blame them, It has changed so much since streaming and the possibility of Making a living seems very challenging. The biggest problem I found was the artists themselves. Along with a negative attitude about the industry their marketing knowledge was very poor. Artists have had to adapt in the past decade with the disappearance of the major labels and Management Agencies. Before artists had the comfort of having these companies do all the business end and allowing them to focus on their music. This is no longer a reality and the sooner artists realize this the better. Artists today need to multifaceted and marketing is a key ingredient to the overall success of an act.

There are other issues like the psychological health of the individual or artist. The industry doesn’t allow for this and artists need to learn how to deal with certain situations and be able to manage their lives effectively. The music industry is rife with Depression, addictions and all sorts of self-harm habits. Sometimes a good talk is all that is required and some reassurance along with Some coping strategies to help alleviate the daily stresses of an artist’s life. Other times it can be more severe and professional help is needed. Botton line is the emotional health of an individual should be the first on the list before involving themselves in this industry.


What I decided to do

I needed some time to think clearly about what it was I could rescue out of these 12 years or so In Music. What I realized was that I could not continue to do what I was doing for free. It just wasn’t making any sense and from so many angles. I had people submitting their Music to me and after listening to their Music and then featuring them on my website, could take me the entire day to complete. On top of that. I would receive emails from them over a period of time and then they would disappear? Like what was the point for me and for them?. This was heartbreaking for me as some artists were taking the complete piss. I was tired of this and I can only blame myself for allowing this to continue.

I had all this knowledge and nobody to share it with or support it with. I went as far as qualifying as a Digital Marketing professional and also qualified as a life, Spiritual and Business coach to hone my skills even further. Nothing seemed to be working until I started to use my skills on ordinary people as a life coach. I was helping individuals with their everyday life and doing all this online. I was working as a web consultant for a couple of businesses also and they were benefiting from my experience and training. My own 30 years of life skills in business was also a major factor and entrepreneurs were now seeking my help.

The lightbulb Moment

I started to see a picture emerging. I’m supposed to be helping people individually !! It doesn’t matter what part of society you are coming from, My coaching works for all. The beauty of it, I have extensive knowledge of the music industry and if an artist approached me then I could be extremely helpful in this area.

I also realized that I can work with people that actually want to do something and achieve. People that are prepared to invest in themselves and do exactly what they say on the tin. If an individual can pay me to coach them and help them so why not an artist? They have hopes and dreams like the rest of us. Those are the people I want to work with and people that realize the person that is helping them needs to survive also. That can only be done by the person paying the Coach for his services.

I realized that if only one person came to me in the year then that would be quite ok by me. I would be happy to know that my efforts are actually been listened too and implemented to help this person achieve. That was the whole purpose of this project in the first place. Maybe I needed all this time to learn all these skills so I could help people more?  Who knows but it’s very clear to me now that the old way of doing things is no longer Viable for me. I want to help build careers. The only way to do that is to work one on one and closely so I can monitor and make adjustments where needed. A step by step approach is required and many blocks need to be addressed and healed. I’ve learned you have no chance in any business is you are not right inside your own skin. That needs careful consideration first before any plan is put in place.

Life brings up many challenges and we must address them as best we can. Music Management is much more than managing a Music Career but how to manage yourself first. When you are happy in your own skin, you are then ready to take on the world the way you were meant too.

What does it cost?

One big question is what does it cost? With the way Ireland is at present, Trying to survive seems to be everyone’s top priority. I understand this very well and want to make Coaching easier for anyone interested in this type of training. My fee is 50 euros per week. You can pay me weekly or Monthly(It’s up to you).

You will have weekly email access to me and we also have a weekly call to discuss the week that has gone and the week ahead.

Some of the topics covered for clients.

  • Basics in Self Management
  • Basics in Music Management
  • Depression / Anxiety / Addictions
  • Intentions / Rituals / Accountability
  • Vision Boards
  • Music Marketing / Email Marketing / Social Media marketing
  • Creating a fanbase / Keeping a fanbase
  • Accountability
  • When to launch an EP/ Album
  • The Big Dream
  • How to Break the Big Dream into Doable steps.
  • How to tour for more impact.
  • How to be more productive
  • Sleep / Health / Food
  • The importance of Exercise and getting out in nature.
  • Karma ( What exactly is Karma)
  • Law of attraction ( How to use it Correctly )
  • Balance ( What is Balance )
  • 21-day Challenges
  • Any Many more …..

If you are an artist who would like to be coached by myself then please Make contact and we can chat first and see if you are ready to make some positive changes.  There is absolutely no obligation. The phone call will be just to see where you are and what you want to do. If you believe yourself to be willing and really wanting changes then we can discuss further and start your program.


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