Music Management Training for Artists

After many years investigating the Music Industry , I have seen a real need to educate and support artists on how to build and operate their own Business .

There is nowhere in Ireland as far as I am aware of that is prepared to work one on one with Bands and artists in Ireland or anywhere .I would like to change that and empower every artist that comes through me .

I thought long and hard about how I would price this in a  package I might use and came up with a ready to go Idea so everyone could afford to do this . In other words a pay per week system.  I have to be realistic here as I know that many artists simply do not have the funds to do something like this .

So what qualifies me to do such work with artists you may ask ?

I have being working in business since my teens and have being self employed many times in various sectors including Music.  I have managed many Pubs and venues and have operated my own premises . I have investigated the industry for over a decade and have worked and understood the problems the artists face today in the Music Industry . I have studied human behavior for over 20 years and qualified as a hypnotherapist & Psychotherapy in 1999 and 2002 . I am a qualified digital Marketer and have just qualified as a life and business coach.  I believe I have many great tools to help any artist out there and i want to share this knowledge and advice to as many as I can .

This is not a fast track to success but a practical and supporting format that will empower and prepare each artist for a possible career in the Music Industry. I also focus vey much on personal coaching as I believe this to be the most vital aspect to having a successful outcome . We all have life challenges regardless of who we are and what we do and Managing this first is essential before moving on to a successful Music career .

Whoever decides to do this One to One training will be changed and that I am sure . Change will come for those who are truly ready and I will know who those people are after they have contacted me and we have talked . It’s nothing personal but some people want change and some just think they do  .Many Artists need the right time and circumstance to consider such intense training .

Here are just some of the training we will be doing together.

Personal Development

Finding out what you Really Really want

letting go of old rubbish from the past

How the mind works

The meaning of intentions

Daily Rituals

Vision boards

Healthy living

How to find gigs

How to build  a brand

How to build a fanbase

Digital Marketing and how to use it to your advantage

How to launch your Music correctly

How to use your time Better

The power of Accountability

21 day challenges and more.

There are so much more I could add to the list but as everyone is different and unique , training is designed on an individual basis .

Training begins when I believe that the Artist is ready and willing to go ahead with the training and that the two of us are a good fit . This is very important as I do not want to waste your time and money on something you are not prepared or ready to work at .

I have this training priced at 35 euros per week which is very reasonable and affordable to everyone including the unemployed .  You will have a weekly call and email access to me whenever you need .  The training is completely confidential and non judgemental . I take each individual very seriously and give it my all to help you .

For more enquiries  about this unique training please contact me below .


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