Nova Dream

Nova Dream

Step into the swirling vortex of creativity that is Nova Dream, where the cosmic collision of Joshua Bartschi's bass prowess and Gabriel Rizzo's electrifying guitar riffs birthed an otherworldly sound. But the universe had more in store, weaving drummer Danny Maguire into their constellation, completing the celestial trio.

From this cosmic convergence emerged Nova Dream, architects of a sonic landscape where alternative rock entwines with the gritty allure of grunge and the raw energy of post-punk. Their musical odyssey has graced stages across Ireland, leaving audiences spellbound with their magnetic performances at iconic venues like The Soundhouse, Fibbers Magees, Fred Zeppelins, and Sin é.

Meet the cosmic crusaders behind Nova Dream:

Joshua Bartschi - the maestro of bass and vocals, channeling melodies from the cosmos.

Gabriel Rizzo - the sonic sorcerer wielding guitars and vocals, conjuring ethereal harmonies from the void.

Danny Maguire - the rhythmic powerhouse on drums, anchoring the band's sonic voyage through the astral realms.

Nova Dream solidify their dark alternative sound in third single, “Running Out of Time”

Nova Dream

In their latest sonic offering, "Running Out of Time," Nova Dream plunges deeper into the abyss of their dark alternative realm. Despite their recent inception just a year ago, this Dublin trio is already etching their name in the annals of Irish alternative rock.

The pulsating heartbeat of their new single throbs with themes of introspection, urgency, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity in our modern labyrinth. Through poignant lyrics, the protagonist confronts the ephemeral nature of time, grappling with the imperative to unearth their true essence.

Crafted amidst the atmospheric ambience of Darklands Studios and the intimate confines of the band's Dublin home studio, "Running Out of Time" bears the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship. Daniel Doherty's masterful drum engineering, coupled with the deft mixing touch of Didier Parra and the mastering finesse of Pete Maher, converge to encapsulate Nova Dream's potent, grunge-infused sound at its zenith.

Delving into the essence of their creation, the band muses, "This song is perhaps our most intimate yet. As such, we sought to push its boundaries, reflecting the evolution of our collective journey."

Embodied within a commanding riff, wielded with dynamic finesse, and fortified by unyielding lyrics, Nova Dream's "Running Out of Time" beckons listeners from its opening chord, leaving them ravenous for more.

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