The Simon Gigs

The Simon Gigs began back in 2013 after a visit to Dublin. I couldn’t believe what i was witnessing with Homeless bodies scattered all over the capital..

As a Music Promoter for the independent Artists in Ireland , I shared my story with them and the Idea of a concert for the homeless became a reality..

The first one was held in the Quays in Galway with limited appeal but I was not going to be deterred.. I moved to the Sligo area and Planed another one there with Better results  .

Homelessness is a huge issue in Ireland and events like, The Simon Gigs are vital for the homeless.  The Gigs dont solve the crisis but they certainly create awareness and some funds that are desperately needed .

To date we have had 5 events and they are growing stronger each year. None of this could be achieved but for the Independent artists who perform . Music in Ireland is an extremely hard business with most artists barely getting a chance to have their Music heard. It is these artist who have stood up to the plate and pledged their support. Each one come to the gigs and play for free so they can assist people who desperately need help. I cant tell you how honored I am to be associated with these wonderful people. I have found that it is the people that are struggling themselves, are the first to lend a hand.

There is a real sense of community with the artists who perform here . This sense of community has being missing within the Music community of Ireland I think. To see it building again , excites me as i know this is vital ingredient that has being missing in the independent community  . Each year we are building more and more Relationships with one another and successful Campaigns are possible..

The Simon Gigs have become a yearly meet for everyone . We catch up, share information, plan other events and Help the Homeless. It has a life of its own and I can see this event Reaching out further. Dare i say it , But could it actually change the way we approach Music in the future? . It certainly feels like it and im certainly excited about its future..


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We are excepting Submissions for the 2019 Simon Gigs Please send us all your music and Soclal Media links

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    The well Dressed Hobos

  • Photograph By Alan Morton

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