The Irish Indie Chart & Golden Discs Experiment


I have been working behind the scenes and chatting with some of the top people in the Golden Discs Group . After nearly 11 years investigating the Music Industry I proposed an idea I had  to see if they would consider a separate chart for independents.

The reason for the chart was simply to get each independent artist plugged into a major record store and give them a realistic chance to enter the Official Irish Charts.

I noticed that Golden Discs were sampling the Independent Market by giving some local artists the opportunity to sell their CD’s there. After talking to them , they told me that this area was extremely small and was having little to no effect for those artists .

This did not surprise me as sales would only come from the Artist’s family and friends and maybe a few fans . However I did make a few suggestions that they did not consider. I told them that CD’s should be made available online as many artists have fans outside of their locality and traveling to buy one CD was simply not an option. I told them that I had lots of instances where I wanted to purchase a CD online as I was not prepared to travel 100’s of miles to physically buy one at their store.   I was puzzled as to why they wouldn’t have all artists available and not just the major artists? This was taken on board and hopefully they can see that countless sales are lost because of this problem.

I informed this group that independent artists were highly skilled in marketing and all they needed was a fair chance and a little help to make their music more available both in shop and online. I also informed them that they needed some marketing tool to help make up for the lack of label, distribution and PR support that is required for a successful campaign towards a possible chart entry . I suggested  “Irish Indie Chart” would be the conduit necessary and would be a way towards giving independents a much needed foothold and clear path In an Industry that has being closed to them.

I suggested that all Independents stocked in Golden Discs would be put up on this chart and the artists could simply share the chart to their fans. The Chart could be directly connected to Golden Discs and that sales from each artist would determine the Chart.

I described the “Irish Indie Chart”  as a Division 1 and a step closer to The Premiership (The Official Charts). I felt that my chart was necessary to simply introduce a new artist and it was up to the artist to use this to their advantage and consider the possibility that a door was open to them now .

I also asked a question that has been bothering me for years and something all Independent artists should know.  How many albums would it take to enter the Official Charts? I was shocked to hear that 60 to 100 album sales was enough to get into the top 20 .

What shocked me even further was hearing that they believed that the Official Charts was no longer revelevent in their opinion. I told them that charting for an artist was a very important part of the music process and artists who have charted are taken more seriously in Media, Agencies, Labels, Festivals etc. I have to tell you that they were not convinced and it took a lot of me giving examples to have them see my point of view.

I have to say it was an interesting meeting and I learned more about the business from a different point of view.  It was also a great opportunity for them to hear from me about what’s happening on the ground and the problems that Independents are facing day to day.  We both decided after our chat that more investigation was needed on both sides and we decided to have a trial run.

We agreed to trial ten artists who were bringing out an album in the next two months. Artists would be chosen and agreed to by both of us. Those artists would have their Music available in golden discs and would also be entered into the Irish Indie Chart.

This is a good opportunity guys, and a chance to change the Industry for the better. If it works then you could be looking at a whole new way forward for 1000s of artists in the future.

I am looking for 10 Acts who have an album coming out in the next two months and have a good following locally / nationally. They must have a good overall social media presence and have an interest in entering the Official Chart. I am looking for committed individuals who believe their music should be out there and need a little help to get out there .

You can contact me in the contact artists of the website if something like this interests you.

Looking forward to hearing from you…

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