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We invite Artists to take a good look around within the musibiz website to see if this is for you or not . We are a free showcase website that feature Independent artists from Ireland and abroad .

We have recently made an agency available to all artists to share their Music and be showcased to Venues in many counties in Ireland. We are in the process of selecting acts that may suit venues in these areas. If you are looking for professional representation and need a little help in this areas then perhaps this opportunity could be for you .

The website is free to submit . Everything is listened too and a featured page is prepared on the website . I am here to help in anyway I can so you succeed . I have good a marketing background and have being involved in this business for over a decade.

If you have any question then please don’t hesitate to ask .

I’ll leave it there and look forward to hearing from you .

Many thanks

Michael Kiernan

Booking Agent / Management