Irish Indie chart


Irish Indie Chart is a Music Chart created for Independent artists within the Musibiz website. The chart will be complied with the very best artists with the musibix website .The Idea behind this is to give our artists recognition for their Music and to give them a fairly good idea how their music is doing overall .

Musibiz has being running for a few years and its proving to be very beneficial and helpful for artists . We help the artists by featuring them on the website with a professional look and marketing advice. The pages created, give a very good impression and give an overall picture of what the artists is all about.

We are also a blog and write about music advice and anything new that may be helpful to the artist.

We decided to compliment the website by building a Chart to help artists even further.  Artists have become deflated with lack of opportunities and we believe that our website is a good way to encourage confidence again .

We will have the chart up soon so why not submit your music to us and get involved in all the activities within the website and also have a look around the Musibiz website to get a good idea what we are all about.  To get involved simply submit a 300 to 400 word Bio along with all available links to get started ..

See you on the Inside

Michael Kiernan

Creator and promoter of Musibiz / Irish Indie Chart


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