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Musibiz – Career Coaching for Artists is a Music mentoring, Support & Guidance Service for Independent Artists . Musibiz has been around for over a decade and began as a free resource for Irish Artists. We have now branched out into a new Coaching program in 2019 and we are Interested in Working with artists who want more from their Music career.

What is on the website?

There are two parts to this website. You have lots of free information and we also like to feature artists on our website.

The second part to Musibiz is One to One Coaching for artists who are looking to go that step further. This is not a signed contract proposition in anyway but where the Artist pays a weekly/ Monthly fee to be coached and supported by myself. We focus on areas of Self Management, Wellbeing and Self Managing a music career.

We have discovered over the years that artists need professional support and management companies are just not investing in artists the way they did. My solution is allowing the artist to put their own careers in their own hands and help them to be truly independent. In Brief, Help them manage themselves and their Careers.

Coaching provides the Emotional, Psychological and Business needs of the Artist to give them a solid platform to work from.

Who am I looking for ?

I am looking for committed individuals who are hungry for success and are willing to invest the time in themselves. My Coaching is very hands on and i like working with people who want to engage in their own careers.

My coaching is not expensive and allows anyone from any circumstance to avail of this service. I am open to Artists, Bands, Managers and anyone in the Music community that wants to improve themselves and create something sustainable and permanent.

Why was Musibiz created ?

Musibiz was created after I realised that artists have nowhere to develop in Ireland . I’ve seen a serious lack of hands on help and expertise in the Music industry and wanted to help. Its being very tough but I have built up a good knowledge of what’s required  to succeed in this business. Bottom line, it takes work and careful planning. I believe personal Coaching is key to an artist’s success. Artists need someone who Can teach them how to manage themselves and their Business .

Who is Musibiz open too ?

Musibiz is open to All artist, management and the music community. It was initially for Irish artists but over the years I’ve had other music related business connect with me.

What’s the big Plan ?

My big plan is Coaching some of the best Artists and bring then to where they need to go. To inspire, Motivate and follow each artist’s success and help them to become the best they can possible be. To continue to gather up knowledge for my clients and be updated in both my coaching skills and my knowledge of the music business.

I welcome you to my website and would love to hear from you and Listen to your music .

Michael Kiernan












Michael is a detail oriented innovator with creative vision and the tools that generate success. 

John Hartmann, Veteran Agent, Manager and Record Executive 


Michael helped me align my intentions with the outside world in a practical & realistic way, with some powerful coaching and advice that still resonates. Thanks again. Recommended!

Paddy Groenland, Musician.


Michael offers useful, practical and impartial advice with very relaxed and personal attention. Working with him over the last 3 months has provided great insights and help which has enabled me to make better decisions in life choices, which in turn has allowed me to see my path more clearly – starting me off on the right foot on my personal journey of transformation.

Mixedup Radio Show. DJ

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