Musibiz - Music Marketing Support Platform

Musibiz – Music Marketing Platform

Support for the Independent Musician

Musibiz – Music Marketing platform that Supports & Guides Independent Artists on their Music Campaigns. Musibiz has been around for over a decade and began as a free resource for Artists. I have also branched out into a new Mentoring / Coaching Service for those of you who would like some One to One help with Creating a particular Goal you might have. This can be very good if you procrastinate a bit and just need a little support & encouragement with your campaigns. I can also offer Personal Development help for artists that may be struggling with other stuff and need some extra Guidance along with their music projects. This can be very beneficial to those artists who are starting out or those who are maybe stuck somewhere in their career and need help.

What on the Musibiz – Music Marketing Platform?

There are two parts to this website. You have lots of free information and I also like to feature artists on my website. Artists can submit to me and I will consider them for a feature on the website. MusiBiz gets 1000s of reads every week and having your act on the website is a fantastic opportunity for your act to be seen and heard.

The second part to Musibiz is One to One Mentoring for artists who are looking to go that step further. This is a pay as you go option as I know artists have tight budgets and don’t have a lot of money to spare. My mentoring can vary depending on the artists but lots of things are covered that the artists will enjoy. I focus on areas of Self Management, Wellbeing, All Marketing and web management and goal setting.

I have discovered over the years that artists need professional support and management companies are just not investing in artists the way they should. My solution is allowing the artist to put their own careers in their own hands and help them to be truly independent. In Brief, Help them manage themselves and their Careers.

My Mentoring focuses on providing the Emotional, Psychological and Marketing acumen needed to have a successful career in the music industry today.

Who am I looking For?

I am looking for committed individuals who are willing to put some time and effort into themselves. My mentoring is very hands-on and I like working with people who want to engage fully in their own careers.

My mentoring is not expensive and allows anyone from any circumstance to avail of this service. I am open to Artists, Bands, Managers and anyone in the Music community that wants to empower themselves and create something sustainable and permanent.

Why Was Musibiz – Music Marketing Platform Created?

Musibiz – Music Marketing platform was created after I realised that artists have limited places to develop in Ireland. I’ve seen a serious lack of hands-on help and expertise in the music industry and wanted to help. It’s being very tough but I have built up a good knowledge of what’s required to succeed in this business. I am also a Qualified Life coach & therapist who works with Clients online from everywhere around the world. I believe personal Mentoring is key to an artist’s success. Everyone needs help at some stage in their life and mentoring Artists is what I love to do.

Who Is Musibiz Open Too?

Musibiz is open to Independent Bands, Singer SongWriters, Singers and anyone in the entertainment business. It was initially for Irish artists but over the years I’ve had other music-related business connect with me and want to network.

What’s The Big Plan?

My big plan is Continuing with Musibiz and see it grow. I want to write lots more about the business and Mentor some really willing Artists. To inspire, Motivate and follow each artist’s success and help them to become the best they can possibly be. To continue to gather up knowledge and network for my Artists and be updated in both my Mentoring skills and my knowledge of the music business.

I welcome you to my website and would love to hear from you and listen to your music. Please submit your work to the Contact page 

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