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Musibiz – Music Management is a Music Management agency in Ireland for Independent Artists in Ireland. Musibiz has been around for over a decade and began as a resource for Irish Artists. I have now branched out into management in 2019 and am Interested in Artists ready to bring their Music to the next level .

What is in the website?

The website is free and is full of advice for new and upcoming artists. All artists are welcome to submit to the website and have their Music featured on the Musibiz website .

I prepare a free featured page for Artists I see potential in and have a good Social media presence . Artists can use the featured pages as a live press pack for prospecting gigs. I have found that an act that is featured in a music website is taken more seriously so being here is quite useful. I can also stay updated with certain artists and help them as they progress .

Its entirely up to the artist whether they want to fully engage with me or not . I don’t push or chase artists. I give them time when they engage and they put work into their own project.

Who will I consider for management ?

This is an easy one. I would love too work with artists who are fully committed and can also take some direction. The Music and the artist will also have to resonate with me . Also i need to resonate with the artist too . No good working with someone without some mutual respect established.

Why was Musibiz created ?

Musibiz was created after i realised that artists have nowhere to develop in Ireland . I seen a serious lack of hands on help and expertise in the Music industry and wanted to help . Its being very thought but I have built up a good knowledge of what’s required  to succeed in this business. Bottom line it takes work and careful planning. Management is key to an artist’s success. Artists need someone having their back as this business is brutal at times .

Who is Musibiz open too ?

Musibiz is open to All artists . It was just for irish artists but over the years I’ve had international artists connecting with me. It’s important that Irish artists maintain that connection and with Musibiz , they will have a far greater chance of reaching out further. I welcome all artists everywhere to connect with me and let us Connect with one another .

What’s the big Plan  ?

My big plan is managing some really exciting new bands . To continue reaching out with Artists and sharing my knowledge with everyone here on the Musibiz website . To maintain and improve my knowledge so I can support the artists more each year.

I welcome you all to my website and would love to hear from you are your music .

Sincere welcome

Michael Kiernan










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