Pyro Villas

Pyro Villas

Pyro Villas, the Irish group known for their synth-heavy textures, are back with a new genre-shifted single titled 'Once or Twice Before'. This track showcases a shift in their sound, embracing soulful guitar-driven rhythms and exploring new territory while still honing their craft with live instruments.

The trio, consisting of Stefano Lupo, Killian Dowling, and Cian Guinee, have been steadily expanding their indie-pop sound, and 'Once or Twice Before' is no exception. The track was written, arranged, and mixed by Stefano, Killian and Hugh O'Neill with mastering done by Fergal Davis, who has worked with renowned acts such as Muse, Republic of Loose, and Sinéad O'Connor.

Fans of Pyro Villas can look forward to the release of 'Once or Twice Before' on streaming services on Friday, July 21st. However, for an exclusive listen to the track before its official release, you can find it below.

Exclusive listen to 'Once or Twice Before'

Hot Press Magazine

‘One of the country’s most hotly tipped pop prospects’

Sarina Belissimo, Spin1038

‘What an exciting new band to come out of Ireland.

Such a fab sound and vibe - with the confidence of a well-established band.’


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