Donal Coghlan

Donal Coghlan

Donal Coghlan is a singer songwriter who has returned to the music scene after a very lengthy absence from it . Donal is a singer songwriter in the true sense of the word and his songs reflect the everyday life and changing issues that visit us all. He has released a four song EP of self penned and performed songs called My Journey in 2014.

Since then Donal has had several radio interviews on Near FM and received very good reviews of his EP .He has played at some of the countries popular singer songwriter sessions such as the Coffin shed and the Purple Sessions .Donal is very passionate about helping people and has played at all of "The Simon gigs " for the homeless to date and has promised to continue to do so as long as he is able.

Donal has also being helping the Irish Artist and  runs a  very successful monthly session for singer songwriters in Clonmellon called the Cafe Sessions. The cafe sessions are hosted in an intimate setting in the local coffee shop where the general public get to hear the Artist close up and personal. No amps , No mics, just the artist and their creative instrument seated in front of a small audience . Donal's passion is to allow the artist to be seen in their natural form and bring some of the old tradition of storytelling and song ( which has being somewhat lost to us ) back to this quite unique setting.  You can feel the connection between Artist and listener as the artist pours their inner thoughts into song. An understanding is established and the singer Songwriter get to express this pure form the way it was meant.. 

Review from  Brendan Keane

The fact that Coghlan sings as opposed to ‘belting’ [a slightly shouty approach adopted by some blues vocalists] actually gives the song added commercial appeal. In a way his vocal style gives added authenticity to the track as it comes across as a song about regrets but written from the perspective of an ordinary, everyday guy, who can best highlight his feelings through the blues.
From a production and arrangement perspective. The sound is never overindulgent and that is exemplified on ‘How Have You Been Out There’. The guitars are clean with the ‘sound’ coming from fingers rather than effects and that level of feel is something that a musician either possesses or doesn’t. It’s inherent and, in the case of Coghlan, it’s obvious.

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179 comments on “Donal Coghlan”

  1. Donal is dedicated and passionate about music. His unique sound takes you out of the ordinary world and into the world of sounds and emotions.

  2. I can vouch for what has been said. Donal is passionate about promoting Irish singer songwriters, often traveling considerable distances to watch a performance. Without his energy and vision the Cafe sessions in Clonmellon would not have happened. He also teaches guitar - from beginners to improvers. Firm but fair in his approach, I've learnt alot from his tuition.

  3. Great artist, seen him progress through the years all the way up to the release of his EP, fantastic musician! Keep up the good work

  4. Great musician and very passionate about his work . Have gone to listen to him a number of times and has always kept us entertained.

  5. Donal Coghlan is great. Soft spoken with a powerful message made all the better because it comes through with a real love for music. Great combination. It is obvious that this passion comes from many years of contemplation in the company of his guitar. Dylan and Cohen are considered poets; Donal joins them.

  6. Great musician,who puts a lot of time and effort in to his music,(trust me I'm his next door neighbour)But in fairness he travels the length of the country to gig for "free" where many would give up,he keeps playing.

  7. Luckily for us Donal returned to his love of music as what a shame if this talent had gone unnoticed! I love his music, his lyrics and his bluesy vocals. A true artist. Keep it up Donal

  8. Donal is an excellent song writer and guitarist. His songs reflect the ups and downs of life, and reflections of his life story. I really enjoy his music and would recommend anybody to go and experience ones of his gigs.

  9. Great musician and music teacher. My daughter loves her weekly guitar lesson with Donal and has come on leaps and bounds under his guidance

  10. lovely man , lovely artist , a pleasure to work with , when you work with somebody ,is when you get to know them .
    just listen to Donal's voice , that tells you all about the man

  11. From hearing Donal's music, you can tell he is not only passionate about music, but completely understands its intricacies. As a fellow artist, his music speaks volumes to me, and he has a uniquely wonderful style which is impossible to forgot.

  12. Only on in a very few people have the ability to make you sit up and take notice but here is one.
    He wares his heart and soul on his sleeve for all to hear.
    Keep going Donal ,
    Or as you say Keep on Rolling.

  13. I've know Donal for a good few years now, his music is inspiring to all up and coming artists ! His songs are meaningful and when he plays he has the attention of any room ! Great work Donal looking forward to more of your music !

  14. Donal, great to hear you again. You sound better and better every time I hear you. Like the new songs. Good luck and keep going.

  15. With a rich voice and poignant lyrics, Donal exemplefies the modern singer/songwriter/storyteller. He has a great range of styles, from clean straightforward acoustic guitar in "You and Me" to the richly produced "Still Rolling", Donal shows his unmistakable depth and versatility.

  16. Donal is a fantastic artist and is very dedicated to his music.he never gives up.he is also a brilliant guitar teacher

  17. Such a passionate and talented musician and so supportive of others especially other singer/songwriters. May you get.the recognition you deserve,

  18. I meet Donal a couple of years ago.
    His music has a distinct sound,quite compelling,like himself really,can't help but listen to him.
    He has been very good to me, whit constructive criticism and tips and motivation, he has helped me develop my music and give me the courage to play to an audience.
    Thank you Donal.

  19. Donal has a lovely unique type of voice and is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has the ability to embrace people into his songs when he is performing. Music is in his soul for sure and he most definitely will carve out a career for himself on the acoustic scene. Continued best wishes for the future Donal. Keep up the good work. *****

  20. Most of the songs he has written are about Donal's own take on life. He has a great talent of expressing everyday life experiences in his songs, in a way that has real meaning. A truely unique Artist who should get more national recognition.

  21. Great to see people making original music. If only the over commercialised radio sector would give guys like Donal a break we could have a thriving live scene around the country. Good luck to all the artists on this forum.

  22. The Cafe Sessions are testament to Donal's commitment to supporting and encouraging original music. His own material, as shown by his debut EP, is top-rate in terms of both songwriting and performance.

  23. i've heard Donal at the cafe sessions in Clonmellon I was very impressed with his musical ability .

  24. Donal is a brilliant musician with a genuine gift for song writing and a passion for music. He is a true talent and deserves regongintion

  25. Donal's passion really shines through in his performance, his original work and especially in the way he promotes other artists. An asset to the Irish music scene! Well done Donal.

  26. Donal's music is authentic and genuinely heartfelt. His passion for acoustic music comes through on his own music and in his support for other singer-songwriters. The cafe sessions are great!

  27. Ive seen donal play twice he bring a nice serenity and peaceful sound with him..I found him humble and honest and he very helpful sharing is music knowledge and wisdom

  28. Ive seen Donal Play Many times over the years and puts 100% into his Music. His Support of the Simon Gigs has been brilliant, and his easy listening sound tells a story of life, they always make the best Songs. A true Warrior of the Original Artist.

  29. caught performance by Dónal sometime back by chance, have thoroughly enjoyed the many performances ive seen since then. Best of luck Dónal.

  30. Gentlemen to work with and has a great insight into music. Definitely has his own twist on songwriting and never fails to deliver.

  31. Always puts 100% into his music. Has a true talent and deserves recognition. What you see is what you get. Such a genuine and helpful person.

  32. Always enjoy listening to Donal's original songs knowing him so well as I do - great music, keep them coming Donal.

  33. Donal, keep up the good work. Thanks for bringing music to our coffee shop. And not just any old music - new and fresh music from talents as yet undiscovered by the general populace. It is a real privilege to be present for the unveiling of such varied musical talents every month.And the locals are very pleased to have such an event in their own town. As for your own gift, Donal, I am more than happy to endorse that too, having listened to you and your songs on numerous occasions. I like in particular the balanced way you present your own creations in your EP

  34. Well done Donal , thanks for all the good times in the cafe. I really appreciate your talent as a musician and songwriter

  35. Brilliant singer/songwriter ,who brings you on a journey of reflection through his own experiences.His unique voice is so easy to listen to.A Breath of fresh air to the music industry.Keep up the good work Donal.

  36. I’ve listened to Donal on a few occasions; “Life and Dreams” is one of my favorites! Very talented musician with a unique sound and extremely passionate about his work, the guy has a real love for music!

  37. I love the Cafe Sessions in Joes' Cafe, and it is great to have entertainment in the village. The various musicians bring great variety to the sessions. Clonmellon is the richer for Donal having come to live here.

  38. Enjoy Donals original music and songs, very talented guy, very inspiring to all other musicians writing their own music and songs. Cafe sessions Donal runs are brilliant, great night in Clonmellon

  39. Talented guy . Great to hear original songs by someone passionate about what they do.
    Keep up the good work.

  40. I love Donal, because he loves music. Donal chose a genre not usual, but by how he sings, you feel that comes from the heart. I love its simplicity and confidence with which he sings. Come on Donal, I am with you, Marco.

  41. Well done donald,it's one thing doing a cover,but wrighting your own music and song is on another level.fair play

  42. The Café Sessions in Clonmellon are well worth a visit. The music and the songs are exciting and original. These are presented by Donal who is himself a very talented musician! Keep on rockin' Donal! I wish you the best of luck in your music career and I hope your popularity grows!

  43. Donal you have a excellent body of work, I think we should here more of you and all the songwriting Artists that you represent. You were lying dormant for to long.

  44. A true gent with musical soul, his songs have a rawness, purity and honesty that are unmistakable. Keep up the good work Donal!

  45. I have known Deal for a while now and realy enjoyed jamming with him, he is a realy great artist very talented song writer, and also a very nice guy, it's not easy to pen songs, but Donal has that gift well done keep up the fantastic work, Regards Richie

  46. Donal is a fantastic artist. I have had the pleasure of seeing him play and learning about his musical journey. Without Donals passion for performing and promoting original music, the Cafe Sessions would not exist.
    A very men talented and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work Donal.

  47. Donal is a well-known musician locally and a wonderful inspiration to aspiring songwriters both near and far. His own songs often have a mellow vibe and reflect his passion for writing original music combined with heartfelt lyrics. Long may he continue his musical journey.

  48. I enjoy the music sessions in joe's coffee shop with the irish singer songwriters .Thanks to Donal Coghlan ,It is very relaxing and entertaining

    1. Thanks Marie , I have moved this monthly singer songwriter night to Kells now , you should come in some night . Donal

  49. Love Donals songs,good music,great performance !!! Lovely to listen,when you want to relax and run away from the world out there Thanks Donal Coghlan

  50. Life and Dreams, what a beautiful song Donal! Looking forward to hearing you live. Thanks for a wonderful night with class acts at the Bookmarket Cafe Sessions in Kells.

  51. When you listen to a true poet you hear life stories that mean something for us all. I love the honesty and openness as well as the great guitar and soulful voice. If you don’t get it you haven’t lived.
    Great stuff Donal

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