Musibiz started out in 2006 as a free resource for artists in Ireland. Almost 13 years later it has become a One to One Coaching program for Artists .The primary reason for this, it is needed in Ireland. Artists feel lost and somewhat abandoned by the industry.

I have spent over 35 years working in the business sector and have successfully managed Various businesses. I've also had my fair share of failures too and know what it is like to not have things go the way i would have liked. I have learned that the music Industry is one of the most complex business out there. Planning from the very beginning is critical along with a clear intention.

I see a confusion in the Music community today and artists not knowing how to progress. This is down to the industry but also down to the artists themselves. It's all well and good dreaming about success but the right attitude and Action is required to give the artist the best possible chance.


I have combined my Business experience, Industry Experience and Coaching skills to offer quite an unique service. This is not management where the manager signs a contract with the artists for a fair share of the royalties etc. This is a one to one Coaching service where the artist can pay weekly / Monthly and be guided by me to a better outcome.

I will be covering topics like Personal Development to begin with. I want to prepare the Artist for what is to come and to bring the artists to a good place. I believe this to am absolute must before launching a Music career. There are so many issues out there that need addressing and are simply not being addressed . So ironing out all the difficulties that artists may be experiencing is my first task.


Some of the other topics after that would be finding out what the artists intends. The next stage is making real plans in steps to start building that dream. I provide a personal Approach to my clients but can also suggest Business and marketing advice when required. I have lots of information on how to secure gigs, build a fanbase , email marketing, launching an ep or album and how to realistically enter the Official Music Charts.

The whole purpose of this program is to give the artist a solid platform to begin with and then build the dream, step by step. Nothing comes easy and if you are willing enough then the sky is the limit. I am looking for committed and willing people, who want help with their careers . People who are willing to invest in themselves and follow through with their intentions.

I have successfully Coached many people and businesses so coaching artists is no different. Artists are individuals but they are also a business too. Allow me to teach you how to become the best version of you first and then teach you how to be an independent Artist. An independent artist is someone who successfully works for themselves and is doing what they love. I can show you how to become that and allow you to live the life you want.



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  1. Fantastic life journey to date Michael and Well Well Done. I as a singer/ songwriter/ performer have also had a fascination with the mind, especially where it interferes with ones greatest potential. You're bang On. It keeps us living small instead of allowing to emerge as our fantastic truth. X Neasa

    1. Thanks very Much Neasa . I am hoping that artists see the true potential in this and that they are willing to experience a new reality

  2. Hey Michael, thanks for all your help so far, looking forward to continuing to work together!
    Alwyn Walker
    alwynwalkerthemixengineer dot com

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