Musibiz started out in 2006 as a free resource for the Independent Music Community In Ireland. Almost 13 years later and we are still growing. The primary reason we set up was support was badly needed in Ireland and Artists felt lost and somewhat abandoned by the Music Industry.

I have spent over 35 years working in the Service sector and have successfully managed Various Pubs and Live venues In Ireland. With all the experience, I felt I was in a good position to understand what was needed and attempt to create some useful resources for Independent Music.

I could clearly see a confusion in the Music community with artists not knowing how to progress and so I felt I had to involve myself to find some solutions.

The musibiz website is quite simple at present and all an Artist really has to do is to just share their music with us here so we can place it on the website. We ask for a bio with at least 600 words along with all available links to social media and Music platforms.

We have a facebook page so you can chat with either myself or with other Artists on the page about all things Music.

Whats happening Next ?

Over the past year we have joined up with retired Music manager & Agent " John Hartmann " to Create " Holodigm Academy ". John has longed to have his trainings online  for potential Music Managers or Artists that would like to Manager their own act Independently.

John has worked with some of the best in the business and we are also working on having more Courses in other areas of the music industry very soon.

We also plan to have an Independent Music Community where all our members can be supported and encouraged on their own Musical Journey. We believe it is critical to have support for our Students / Members as they navigate this ever-changing Music Industry.

Contact Me

Michael Kiernan - Musibiz Artist Submission Page Or   -  Holodigm Academy

4 comments on “About”

  1. Fantastic life journey to date Michael and Well Well Done. I as a singer/ songwriter/ performer have also had a fascination with the mind, especially where it interferes with ones greatest potential. You're bang On. It keeps us living small instead of allowing to emerge as our fantastic truth. X Neasa

    1. Thanks very Much Neasa . I am hoping that artists see the true potential in this and that they are willing to experience a new reality

  2. Hey Michael, thanks for all your help so far, looking forward to continuing to work together!
    Alwyn Walker
    alwynwalkerthemixengineer dot com

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