Empowering Independent Music in Ireland

Established in 2006 as a pioneering platform initially known as Livemicsworld, Musibiz has evolved into a vital resource for Ireland's independent music scene. Rooted in a deep-seated need for support within the local music community, Musibiz remains committed to its mission over a decade later, steadfast in its growth and dedication.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in the service sector, particularly within the management of various esteemed pubs and live venues across Ireland, the founder recognized a critical gap in the industry. Artists were grappling with a sense of disorientation, often feeling disconnected and overlooked by the traditional music establishment.

Driven by a desire to bridge this gap, Musibiz was born. Armed with a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies, the platform was designed to provide practical solutions and valuable resources tailored specifically for independent musicians.

Today, Musibiz offers a straightforward yet impactful platform for artists to showcase their talent. Artists are invited to share their music with us, accompanied by a comprehensive biography of at least 600 words, alongside links to their social media and music streaming platforms.

Upon submission, artists are featured on the Musibiz website, entirely free of charge. Central to our ethos is a genuine passion for music and an unwavering commitment to ensuring every artist's voice is heard. Each featured artist receives personalized attention, with a dedicated page meticulously crafted to spotlight their unique talent and offerings.

We encourage artists to utilize their Musibiz feature as a powerful promotional tool, serving as an invaluable online press pack. The endorsement of Musibiz lends a touch of credibility to an artist's profile, enhancing visibility and reach within the vibrant world of independent music.

At Musibiz, our mission is clear: to empower, elevate, and amplify the voices of Ireland's independent music community. Join us on this musical journey, where every note, every artist, and every story matters.

Musibiz Vision: Redefining Support for Independent Music

Upon returning to the realm of music and reflecting on the evolving landscape, I was compelled to embark on a new chapter with Musibiz, driven by a vision of innovation and empowerment.

Central to this vision was the inception of an Independent Chart dedicated to showcasing the talent of independent artists. Recognising the formidable barriers artists faced in breaking through to the traditional official charts, I was inspired to create a platform where our vibrant community could shine, unbounded by conventional constraints.

Irish Indie Chart

The concept of our Independent Chart was born from a deep-seated belief in fairness and the need to keep the spirit of new music alive in Ireland. Why should artists be limited in their reach when they possess boundless talent and creativity? The Independent Chart serves as a beacon of recognition, a celebration of artistry that thrives on the unique voices of independent musicians.

In tandem with this ambitious endeavor, I envisioned a platform where artists could not only showcase their music but also monetize their craft effectively. The idea of assisting artists in selling their own CDs, vinyl records, and merchandise emerged as a pivotal element of Musibiz's mission. By correlating physical sales with chart entries and ongoing revenue streams on our platform, artists are not only acknowledged for their artistry but also rewarded tangibly for their efforts.

My aspiration is for Musibiz to transcend the role of a mere online marketplace, evolving into an esteemed record store officially recognized within the industry. Charting the sales from our platform to influence the official chart would be a testament to the collective impact of our community—a testament to the artists, the music, and the unwavering support of our audience.

The realization of this vision hinges on the passion and engagement of our community. With every artist, every sale, and every chart entry, we are charting new territory, redefining the narrative of independent music in Ireland. It is a journey fueled by determination, a testament to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines Musibiz.

Let us embark on this journey together, united by a shared belief in the transformative power of music. For in our collective efforts, we hold the potential to shape the future of independent music—a future where artists thrive, creativity knows no bounds, and the music resounds with the heartbeat of a community united in passion and purpose.

Together, let us dare to dream, to create, and to forge a path where possibilities are limitless. The time is now, and we must seize it. Let us endeavour, let us create, and let us, indeed, try.

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  1. Fantastic life journey to date Michael and Well Well Done. I as a singer/ songwriter/ performer have also had a fascination with the mind, especially where it interferes with ones greatest potential. You're bang On. It keeps us living small instead of allowing to emerge as our fantastic truth. X Neasa

    1. Thanks very Much Neasa . I am hoping that artists see the true potential in this and that they are willing to experience a new reality

  2. Hey Michael, thanks for all your help so far, looking forward to continuing to work together!
    Alwyn Walker
    alwynwalkerthemixengineer dot com

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