Barry Locke

Barry Locke

Barry Locke is a singer songwriter from Bangor Northern Ireland currently based in London. The past two years have been crucially cathartic for Barry as he has busied himself with the completion of his debut album ‘O N E ‘, essentially an auto biographical concept album. Never having a shortage of things to write about Barry has always looked deftly inward in order to explore themes and narratives that can translate well yet remain completely relatable. The through line of this introverted exploration is concerning the very danger of ‘self ‘as an endless knot of indecision and resolve.

“I have always found it difficult to ‘create’ things to sing about and so I have always looked inward to myself and my own experiences. As far as I’m concerned, I live in constant state of flux, at times moving inexorably betwixt several ‘self’s’ jostling for prime position in my past, present and future. 'O N E' refers to one and all, it's in everything I've ever done, or will do. It’s all about returning themes and contexts.”

Supported by a voice that provides power and impact Barry effortlessly endears to hold on to the comforting tonal graces of his home town whilst honestly portraying the raw emotions you’d expect to hear when a young man bares his soul.


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