Mick Daley - Australian Singer Songwriter - Irish Tour

Mick Daley - Australian Singer Songwriter - Irish Tour

Singer-songwriter, fiction writer, journalist Mick Daley contacted me in April of this year and asked for any help as he was preparing for a three month visit and touring Ireland. Mick is from Australia and like many Australians has a lot of Irish ancestry. To be honest I thought the man was crazy to attempt a three month tour but also very interested in how he would get on with trying to find accommodation and paid gigs to sustain himself throughout his stay. 

I suggested he use my gaffe as one of his bases so he could save money as much as possible and also help plan his trip. For years, I used to hear original artists tell me that they could not find any gigs and I was very surprised that Mick had got so many before he even arrived on our shores. He was relentless at contacting anyone he could to find those impossible gigs. I went around with him in Sligo Town and also Bundoran to help find him a gig or two and we found one place in Bundoran thankfully. He had also secured a gig in sligo from Australia which was very impressive. These are all paid gigs Guys by the way which also impressed me. 

He is staying with me for a few days to have a rest as he has traveled all along the west coast performing and sourcing a few more gigs. What impressed me the most was he got a gig in the Quays in Galway and it was upstairs. I know the quays very well as I was the venue manager there in 2005 & 2006 and I know it's not easy to get in there as they book mostly cover acts. He was put on before the main act which I used to do back then. I was very happy to see that seamus was continuing on what i started all those years ago and giving original acts a chance to perform on a larger stage. 

Proposed Book On Touring Ireland by Mick Daley

I suppose the moral of the story here is if Mick Daley from Australia can tour Ireland then there is no excuse for any Irish artist to do the very same. Mick has slept in tents, car parks and in a car when he can afford to rent one. He is not worried about tomorrow but carries on regardless of circumstance. I think there is much to be learned with an attitude like this. Nothing is impossible if you are driven enough. This man is a similar age to myself too which also tells me that age is not a problem either when it comes to getting gigs. All that is required is to simply ask and be polite. The worst thing that can happen is No and you move on the next and the next until you get to your destination.

I've advised Mick to write a book about his travels as this is quite inspiring for any artists out there. I hope he does and especially in the current climate when everything is so expensive here. There is always a way I say.                   

Anyway guys here is a little clip of Mick performing on the Quays stage..                            

Mick Daley's Website

Mick Daley: Music
Mick Daley. Sydney, Australia. Best known as frontman for The Re-Mains, Mick Daley's solo output, for better or for worse, is here available in its entirety ...

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4 comments on “Mick Daley - Australian Singer Songwriter - Irish Tour”

  1. Thanks Michael, yeah perseverance and thick skin are essential parts of the kit in this business but its a kind of providence you generate when you take the plunge and get amongst it. Good things happen. You meet good people such as yourself and that gives you the fortitude to keep going. You have to have things in place though, too. You've gotta have the songs and the experience. If you've got the recipe right it can generate good things. Anyway, what else are ya gonna do?

    1. You are welcome Mick.. You are doing great with more to do still. If you every write that book, I'll be the first to buy and will advertise it here. I believe it would inspire other artists from anywhere in the world to take the plunge and just go for it..

      1. Yeah Michael, great songwriting by Mick Daly there, yeah I'd love if Mick wrote that book too, I'd definitely buy it, he has a wealth of experience to share to songwriters and music people

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