Jester's Sadness

Jester's Sadness

Dive into the hauntingly beautiful melodies and soul-stirring lyrics of Jester’s Sadness, an enigmatic music project led by the talented Dublin-based musician and poet, Al Doyle.

Mark your calendars for May 3rd, 2024, when Jester’s Sadness unveils their highly anticipated debut album, "Fragile Delusion." The stage is set for an unforgettable journey through ethereal sounds and poignant narratives. But the excitement doesn't stop there—the album launch takes place on May 2nd at The Cobblestone Venue, promising an immersive experience you won't want to miss.

The journey began with the release of their mesmerising first single, "Little Heart (Single Mix/Alt Vocal)," back in August 2018—a mere glimpse into the depth of emotion and musical mastery that awaits on the upcoming album.

Al Doyle, the creative force behind Jester’s Sadness, is no stranger to the Dublin music scene. With two solo albums under his belt—2009’s "Places" and 2013’s "Blasphemy"—his artistry has graced iconic venues such as The Workman’s Club, The Grand Social, and The Sugar Club. A fixture at renowned showcases and open mics like Circle Sessions, Dublin’s Underground Beat, and The Monday Echo at the International Bar, Al's performances are nothing short of mesmerizing.

But Al’s impact reaches beyond his own music. He once curated the celebrated Indie Spirit Dublin showcase at The Workman’s Club, a platform that brought together a constellation of emerging artists and writers from Ireland and beyond. The lineup featured luminaries like Rob Doyle, Naoise Roo, Kevin Nolan, John Cummins, Marcus Doo, Sinead White, Anne Tannam, Fiona Bolger, Dan Ryan, and many more—a testament to Al's commitment to nurturing creativity and community.

Before making waves in Dublin, Al spent six vibrant years in Madrid, where his music echoed through the city’s diverse venues, bars, and open mics. Now, with Jester’s Sadness, he invites you to embark on a profound musical odyssey—one that transcends boundaries, touches the heart, and resonates with the soul.

Jester’s Sadness isn't just a music project; it's a poignant narrative, a sonic tapestry woven with emotion, experience, and the raw essence of life itself. Join the journey, and let the melodies of "Fragile Delusion" carry you to new realms of introspection and beauty.

Reviews: "Fragile Delusion"

"[Fragile Delusion is] a collection of songs that invites the listener into vividly painted worlds of emotion. Characters, real and invented, are brought to life and you’re beckoned into experiences of pain, hope, light and dark.” - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

"The music is quiet, reflective, whispering, the drama existing in the portraiture of finely crafted lyrics." - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

“Whatever the Jester does next, you know they won’t short-change you when it comes to emotional depth and authentic expression.” - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

Full review by Dan Ryan: A Fool's Game: Fragile Delusion by Jester's Sadness - A Review

On Jester's Sadness' Previous Album "Blasphemy" (as Alan Doyle):

“Doyle’s music is populated by killers, poets, broken-hearted lovers, and disenchanted starlets, all tied together with the grace of a natural storyteller with a gift for vivid imagery. The world of the songs is one in which ‘the cards you draw are wild, as are the written words you pray’ (Time Passes By).” - Bernard O’Rourke, Golden Plec

“[The] confident acceptance of silence between beats is a powerful statement of intent.” - Bernard O’Rourke, Golden Plec

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve been gripped by an album so intense, delicate and sublime as ‘Blasphemy’ by Dubliner Alan Doyle.” - Peter Nagle, 2 U I Bestow

Full review by Bernard O'Rourke: Alan Doyle - Blasphemy Review

Album Launch " Fragile Delusion "

Embark on a mesmerizing sonic journey as Jester’s Sadness unveils their highly anticipated album, "Fragile Delusion," on the 2nd of May 2024 at 7:30 pm in the enchanting setting of The Cobblestone Venue.

This immersive evening promises to be a celebration of raw emotion and musical artistry. As the clock strikes 7:30 pm, the stage will come alive with haunting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, marking the official launch of "Fragile Delusion."

Music lovers will have the chance to own a piece of this ethereal experience, as the album becomes available for purchase on the 3rd of May. Choose from the timeless allure of CD or Cassette, or opt for the convenience of a digital Download via Bandcamp. For those who prefer to drift into the soundscape seamlessly, "Fragile Delusion" will also be available for streaming on Spotify and various other streaming services.

Prepare to be transported as MC Dan Ryan, the master of ceremonies for the evening, guides you through this captivating musical odyssey. But that's not all—be prepared for special guest performances by the spellbinding NÍV and the evocative Man McCann, adding layers of depth and intrigue to an already unforgettable night.

Join us at The Cobblestone Venue on the 2nd of May for an evening that transcends mere music. Let the melancholic beauty of Jester’s Sadness wash over you, as "Fragile Delusion" paints a vivid tapestry of emotion and experience. It's more than an album launch; it's a doorway to a world where music intertwines with the soul.

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