Philip Dunne - Singer Songwriter

Philip Dunne - Singer Songwriter

Philip Dunne is a 25 year old Irish Singer Songwriter from Dublin. He plays piano and guitar and has only being writing music for about a year and a half now. He applied for the Thames TV competition " Britain's got talent " and reached the televised stages in 2017 with an original song called he wrote "Another Life ". This song was very close to his heart as he wrote it for his late sister who passed away when he was very young. Unfortunately his audition was never shown on the TV series and the journey continued.

Philip Dunne and his Band

He formed a four piece band after this and  called them  'Waiting for May'  .The EP " Empire " will be released in march or April of 2018 and he will be launching in a top Music venue in Dublin city centre. The EP " Empire " was recorded by his good friend and producer Shane Curran in his home studio in Co Meath. Phil has also been working with many other musicians and producers to get the feel of the recording/writing process.

Exceptional Musician

Philip dunne is an exceptional musician and attended the " Cork school of music" where he honed his skills and is now ready write , perform and produced the music that he is writing. This is only the beginning of his journey and expect to hear more of his Music in the years to come. He is here for the long hall and is enjoying every minute of it.

I was very sad to hear Philip Passed away in 2019. He was a close Friend of my family and such a loss to everyone at a very young age. I was debating whether to keep his page up after this but I think people should hear his music. May Philip rest in peace.   Michael - Musibiz.


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9 comments on “Philip Dunne - Singer Songwriter”

  1. Philip Dunne is a fabulous Singer Songwriter . He has some really good tunes in there. Really like this artist..

    1. Hi Paul, his music was beautiful and thanks for stopping by. I remember Philip well and how passionate he was about his music. I still think about him still. I hope he is happier where is now.

  2. After his friends released music about him I looked him up. Only wish I could have seen him busking or something. A beautiful voice. A kind face. Would purchase a cd now for my car if I new he’d released one. Rest easy Philip Dunne.

  3. Hello Michael Kiernan,

    Philip was a remarkable talent and his music so inspirational. Do you know of any events, or anything that is underway to memorialize his music? Any release of any previously un-released music? Any thoughts about a memorial website? Is there any sheet music available for his music? I've been trying to connect with other Irish buskers to play some of his original music. Bring Me Home always hits me hard to the core whenever I listen to it.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. best Frank USA

    1. Yes he was. As far as I know, there is no website dedicated to Philip and his music. I knew Philip as he was going out with my niece and I was helping him a little with his music promotion. It was a shock for us all and I kept his profile up here as a mark of respect for Philip and his music. The Track " Changing " is my favourite as it was written after he broke up with my niece and I could feel his pain in the words and Music.

      1. Mr, Kiernan,
        I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to reply to my inquiry. I know I'm late with this, but my sincere sympathies. Is anyone in his family looking to do anything to honor and keep his music alive? Philip really needs to be recognized for his impact on fans. His music really got me through the pandemic only to find out he had passed away. I understand privacy may be of concern by the family and fully understand that. I'm passionate about keeping the memories of those we loved who had such a profound impact on the lives of many and to honor their accomplishments as individuals. From what I've been reading and listening about Philip, he was truly remarkable! My hope is to start an online project that honor buskers, past and present everywhere. If there is any way you could pass my email along to anyone related to Philip that may be interested in starting something to honor Philip and other buskers. Thank you.

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