Dublin based NY rocker, Brew, kick-starts 2023 in virile fashion with his fifth solo single release, WALK ALONE. Doused in jangling guitars and delivered with Brew's trademark punk swagger, this melodic pop gem belies the dark underlying theme of futile hopelessness often found in human relationships. The uplifting chorus sees a defiant Brew declare his intention that this toxic relationship will have “no more hold on me”, offering hope for others in hopeless situations.  

The single was produced by Minneapolis producer, August Ogren,  Ogren’s love for melody and the analogue recording production techniques he used to great success with Cork band Rowan, made Dublin resident Ogren, the perfect foil for Brew's pop/punk pedigree. The single also reunites Brew for the first time in 25 years with Kiwi guitarist Brett Lemmon, who brings some sparkling riffs to proceedings.

Recording took place at Dublin’s The Clinic Studios late last year with pre-production at The Bunker Studios and mixing at Camden Recording Studios Brew recalled how Ogren asked to hear an unfinished piece of work. Brew happened to have a chorus of WALK ALONE recorded acapella to voice memo while stumbling back home from a night out in Dublin’s city centre.

Originally the song poked fun at people refusing to go out post-Covid when restrictions had been lifted. The revised version is the one Ogren heard and saw the potential in. Brew thought his compatriot producer was having a laugh. However, the results are no laughing matter and with any luck, Brew will be laughing all the way to the top of the Charts.  Release day for WALK ALONE March 3rd , 2023!

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Formed in 2020 amidst the global pandemic, Sauce Gang Collective is a groundbreaking fusion project hailing from Ireland. The band comprises Lenin Mitchell (Vocals), Kevin Kennedy (Vocals), Rhyss Davies (Guitar & Vocals), Mark Moloney (Bass & Vocals), Neil O'Flanagan (Keys), and Sam Shepard (Drums). Their unique blend of alternative rock and hip-hop has quickly made waves in the music scene.

The group burst onto the scene in 2022 with their debut album, "Bangers 'n' Brown Sauce," which showcased their fresh, bold, hip-rock sound. Since then, they have been honing their craft, amassing over 40,000 total listens, performing sold-out shows, and building a strong discography of self-produced work. Sauce Gang Collective stands out as a distinctive force in the Irish music scene.

Their new album, "Mustard Melodies," pushes the boundaries of genre, continuing their trend of challenging musical norms and appealing to trend-setting listeners. This latest release is a testament to their songwriting, arranging, and genre-fusing prowess, capturing the essence of contemporary Irish music.

Sauce Gang


Describing "Mustard Melodies," the band shares: "'Mustard Melodies' is a refined version of our sound. Our first album was about having fun, figuring it out, and recording random songs in a bedroom that we thought sounded cool. We realized there was a certain 'magic' in our sound when performing live with drums, electric guitars, and a loud, energetic vibe.

This album captures that live energy and showcases our constant tug of war between genres, featuring rock, pop, hip-hop, funk, indie, and everything in between. Recorded mostly at Pirate Studios in north Dublin, while still maintaining our independent sound with some home recordings, 'Mustard Melodies' is something we're truly proud of. This project defines us as a collective and as individuals, with its highs, fun moments, and low, sad times. We're excited to share this journey with anyone willing to join us."

"Mustard Melodies" not only defines Sauce Gang Collective but also encapsulates their dynamic as friends and musicians, making it a must-listen for fans of innovative and genre-blending music.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Sun Mahshene emerged in 2018, revitalising the indie and shoegaze scenes with their innovative sound. The band comprises six diverse members from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Poland, blending their eclectic influences into a unique musical journey they proudly call 'Post-Shoegaze.'

Sun Mahshene has garnered acclaim from notable outlets such as Amazing Radio, BBC Across The Line, BBC Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM, 98 FM, Hotpress, and more. They have firmly established themselves as a standout act in Ireland's vibrant music scene.

Sun Mahshene

The band's latest single, "Pale Azure," is set for a Radio Impact/Focus date on August 2nd. This track is the third and final preview of their debut album, "A PLACE WE’VE NEVER BEEN," slated for release on August 9th. "Pale Azure" perfectly encapsulates their signature sound, fusing shoegaze, anthemic indie, and grunge-tinged alternative rock at its core. Like their previous releases, "New Shores" and "Reverie," this single is mastered by RIDE’s Mark Gardener, ensuring a polished and captivating auditory experience.

"Pale Azure" is a powerful, uplifting track with a touch of melancholy. Lead vocalist and songwriter Nathan Henderson explains, "The lyrics aspire to inspire the listener to rise above limitations and chase their highest aspirations. This song celebrates the courage to pursue greatness and the relentless spirit that refuses to settle for less."

The single was produced and mixed by Michael Richards and Sun Mahshene, engineered by Michael Richards, recorded at Trackmix Studio in Dublin, Ireland, and mastered by Mark Gardener at OX4 Sound in the UK.

Sun Mahshene features Nathan Henderson on vocals and guitar, Robert Crosbie on guitar and vocals, Ian McGinn on guitar, Asia Wolf on keyboards and vocals, David Hilliard on bass and vocals, and Dave Murray on drums.

PRESS: "Very much in the shoegaze vein, which is a good thing by me as a massive shoegaze fan. You'll detect elements of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive in their sound. Mastered by a true shoegazer, Mark Gardener from Ride – it's a great song!" – Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Belfast

"If you love your psych music, this is just the tune for you. The Dublin post-shoegaze sextet also have an edge of psych to them, I think." – Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

"A perfect storm of shoegaze guitars, memorable melodies, and insightful lyrics." – Gemma Bradley, BBC Radio Foyle, ATL

"This is an excellent piece of rock, kind of shoegaze." – Kieran McGuiness, Radio Nova

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The Belfast trio already have several sold-out headline gigs under their belt, all before releasing their debut single...

A powerful emerging band sure to entice fans of Paramore, Wolf Alice, and PJ Harvey, Cairo Station are Northern Ireland's most promising new act in alternative rock.

The anticipation is electric. Their debut single, "Menace," is a commanding track that sets the stage for an incredibly promising future for the young trio. High quality and high-energy, the single is an explosive kickstart to their career, leaving one thing for certain - you do not want this band to slip by.

As the band eagerly explains, "This song is our first release and a sign of what is to come from us as a band. We can't wait for everyone to hear it and to join us on this journey."

Cairo Station · Menace

The buzz is palpable. Get on the Cairo Station train now and prepare for an exhilarating ride. Their music promises to be a thrilling journey that you won't want to miss. The countdown to "Menace" has begun – don't just watch from the sidelines, be part of the revolution.

Step into the swirling vortex of creativity that is Nova Dream, where the cosmic collision of Joshua Bartschi's bass prowess and Gabriel Rizzo's electrifying guitar riffs birthed an otherworldly sound. But the universe had more in store, weaving drummer Danny Maguire into their constellation, completing the celestial trio.

From this cosmic convergence emerged Nova Dream, architects of a sonic landscape where alternative rock entwines with the gritty allure of grunge and the raw energy of post-punk. Their musical odyssey has graced stages across Ireland, leaving audiences spellbound with their magnetic performances at iconic venues like The Soundhouse, Fibbers Magees, Fred Zeppelins, and Sin é.

Meet the cosmic crusaders behind Nova Dream:

Joshua Bartschi - the maestro of bass and vocals, channeling melodies from the cosmos.

Gabriel Rizzo - the sonic sorcerer wielding guitars and vocals, conjuring ethereal harmonies from the void.

Danny Maguire - the rhythmic powerhouse on drums, anchoring the band's sonic voyage through the astral realms.

Nova Dream solidify their dark alternative sound in third single, “Running Out of Time”

Nova Dream

In their latest sonic offering, "Running Out of Time," Nova Dream plunges deeper into the abyss of their dark alternative realm. Despite their recent inception just a year ago, this Dublin trio is already etching their name in the annals of Irish alternative rock.

The pulsating heartbeat of their new single throbs with themes of introspection, urgency, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity in our modern labyrinth. Through poignant lyrics, the protagonist confronts the ephemeral nature of time, grappling with the imperative to unearth their true essence.

Crafted amidst the atmospheric ambience of Darklands Studios and the intimate confines of the band's Dublin home studio, "Running Out of Time" bears the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship. Daniel Doherty's masterful drum engineering, coupled with the deft mixing touch of Didier Parra and the mastering finesse of Pete Maher, converge to encapsulate Nova Dream's potent, grunge-infused sound at its zenith.

Delving into the essence of their creation, the band muses, "This song is perhaps our most intimate yet. As such, we sought to push its boundaries, reflecting the evolution of our collective journey."

Embodied within a commanding riff, wielded with dynamic finesse, and fortified by unyielding lyrics, Nova Dream's "Running Out of Time" beckons listeners from its opening chord, leaving them ravenous for more.

KÎND: Ascending Beyond Boundaries

In the pulsating heart of modern rock stands KÎND, a quintet sculpting the very essence of sonic evolution. Founded by the visionary composer, guitarist, and vocalist, Matt Redmond, KÎND emerges as a beacon of melodic progressive rock, transcending the ordinary with each resounding note.

Within the hallowed halls of BIMM, Matt's creative fervor ignited a quest for musical transcendence. Fuelled by a desire to weave together disparate elements of pop's infectious melodies, metal's thunderous guitar riffs, jazz's intricate harmonies, and the ethereal blend of dual male and female vocals, KÎND was born.

With four audacious releases already under their belt, including their latest single, "Philosopher’s Wish," unveiled on the 25th of April 2024, KÎND has firmly entrenched themselves as pioneers of the genre. Their sonic odyssey knows no bounds, as evidenced by their electrifying performances at renowned festivals such as Whelan's One's to Watch, EXOH’s Next Big Thing, and the hallowed grounds of YouBloom in Phoenix Park.

But it is not merely their past conquests that define KÎND; it is the promise of what lies ahead. With a headline show at The Soundhouse igniting the flames of anticipation, KÎND prepares to unleash a torrent of creativity upon the world in 2024, promising a deluge of music that eclipses anything they've dared before.

Maximillion Foy of DeMars Magazine eloquently captures the essence of KÎND's meteoric rise, stating, "KÎND are clearly in the ascendancy. The striking assuredness that comes with each release belies their status as a band still in its infancy, and I can think of no other band on the scene today that has the same volcanic potential."

In an era where conformity reigns, KÎND stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of musical exploration. With their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound, KÎND beckons listeners to embark on a journey into the uncharted realms of musical transcendence.

Within this sonic tapestry of nine new tracks lies the heart and soul of Four Way Mirror, a group whose journey through the musical landscape has been shaped by the rich tapestry of Dundalk, County Louth. Each note, each lyric, bears witness to their evolution as artists, a testament to their relentless pursuit of sonic innovation.

From the infectious rhythms of the lead single, "Changing Colours," to the ethereal melodies of "Polarity" and the thunderous allure of "Running Away," the album offers a kaleidoscope of sound that captivates and enthralls. With every chord struck and every word sung, Four Way Mirror invites listeners to traverse the vast expanse of their musical universe, where boundaries blur and possibilities abound.

Lead singer and bassist Saoirse Murray declares, "We're thrilled to share our new music with the world. This album is a reflection of who we are as a band and where we're heading. We can't wait for everyone to hear it." And as the anticipation mounts, so too does the excitement for what lies ahead.

Four Way Mirror Playlist

In tandem with the album's release, Four Way Mirror sets sail on a promotional odyssey, bringing their electrifying performances to fans far and wide. Known for their boundless energy and unwavering passion onstage, their live shows are an immersive experience not to be missed, a testament to the enduring power of alternative rock.

So, prepare to be swept away on a journey of sonic discovery, as Four Way Mirror beckons you to join them in the space "Somewhere In Between," where music transcends boundaries and dreams take flight.

Dive into the hauntingly beautiful melodies and soul-stirring lyrics of Jester’s Sadness, an enigmatic music project led by the talented Dublin-based musician and poet, Al Doyle.

Mark your calendars for May 3rd, 2024, when Jester’s Sadness unveils their highly anticipated debut album, "Fragile Delusion." The stage is set for an unforgettable journey through ethereal sounds and poignant narratives. But the excitement doesn't stop there—the album launch takes place on May 2nd at The Cobblestone Venue, promising an immersive experience you won't want to miss.

The journey began with the release of their mesmerising first single, "Little Heart (Single Mix/Alt Vocal)," back in August 2018—a mere glimpse into the depth of emotion and musical mastery that awaits on the upcoming album.

Al Doyle, the creative force behind Jester’s Sadness, is no stranger to the Dublin music scene. With two solo albums under his belt—2009’s "Places" and 2013’s "Blasphemy"—his artistry has graced iconic venues such as The Workman’s Club, The Grand Social, and The Sugar Club. A fixture at renowned showcases and open mics like Circle Sessions, Dublin’s Underground Beat, and The Monday Echo at the International Bar, Al's performances are nothing short of mesmerizing.

But Al’s impact reaches beyond his own music. He once curated the celebrated Indie Spirit Dublin showcase at The Workman’s Club, a platform that brought together a constellation of emerging artists and writers from Ireland and beyond. The lineup featured luminaries like Rob Doyle, Naoise Roo, Kevin Nolan, John Cummins, Marcus Doo, Sinead White, Anne Tannam, Fiona Bolger, Dan Ryan, and many more—a testament to Al's commitment to nurturing creativity and community.

Before making waves in Dublin, Al spent six vibrant years in Madrid, where his music echoed through the city’s diverse venues, bars, and open mics. Now, with Jester’s Sadness, he invites you to embark on a profound musical odyssey—one that transcends boundaries, touches the heart, and resonates with the soul.

Jester’s Sadness isn't just a music project; it's a poignant narrative, a sonic tapestry woven with emotion, experience, and the raw essence of life itself. Join the journey, and let the melodies of "Fragile Delusion" carry you to new realms of introspection and beauty.

Reviews: "Fragile Delusion"

"[Fragile Delusion is] a collection of songs that invites the listener into vividly painted worlds of emotion. Characters, real and invented, are brought to life and you’re beckoned into experiences of pain, hope, light and dark.” - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

"The music is quiet, reflective, whispering, the drama existing in the portraiture of finely crafted lyrics." - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

“Whatever the Jester does next, you know they won’t short-change you when it comes to emotional depth and authentic expression.” - Dan Ryan, Danryanwords

Full review by Dan Ryan: A Fool's Game: Fragile Delusion by Jester's Sadness - A Review

On Jester's Sadness' Previous Album "Blasphemy" (as Alan Doyle):

“Doyle’s music is populated by killers, poets, broken-hearted lovers, and disenchanted starlets, all tied together with the grace of a natural storyteller with a gift for vivid imagery. The world of the songs is one in which ‘the cards you draw are wild, as are the written words you pray’ (Time Passes By).” - Bernard O’Rourke, Golden Plec

“[The] confident acceptance of silence between beats is a powerful statement of intent.” - Bernard O’Rourke, Golden Plec

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve been gripped by an album so intense, delicate and sublime as ‘Blasphemy’ by Dubliner Alan Doyle.” - Peter Nagle, 2 U I Bestow

Full review by Bernard O'Rourke: Alan Doyle - Blasphemy Review

Album Launch " Fragile Delusion "

Embark on a mesmerizing sonic journey as Jester’s Sadness unveils their highly anticipated album, "Fragile Delusion," on the 2nd of May 2024 at 7:30 pm in the enchanting setting of The Cobblestone Venue.

This immersive evening promises to be a celebration of raw emotion and musical artistry. As the clock strikes 7:30 pm, the stage will come alive with haunting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, marking the official launch of "Fragile Delusion."

Music lovers will have the chance to own a piece of this ethereal experience, as the album becomes available for purchase on the 3rd of May. Choose from the timeless allure of CD or Cassette, or opt for the convenience of a digital Download via Bandcamp. For those who prefer to drift into the soundscape seamlessly, "Fragile Delusion" will also be available for streaming on Spotify and various other streaming services.

Prepare to be transported as MC Dan Ryan, the master of ceremonies for the evening, guides you through this captivating musical odyssey. But that's not all—be prepared for special guest performances by the spellbinding NÍV and the evocative Man McCann, adding layers of depth and intrigue to an already unforgettable night.

Join us at The Cobblestone Venue on the 2nd of May for an evening that transcends mere music. Let the melancholic beauty of Jester’s Sadness wash over you, as "Fragile Delusion" paints a vivid tapestry of emotion and experience. It's more than an album launch; it's a doorway to a world where music intertwines with the soul.

Amy Rowbottom is a singer and songwriter hailing from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. With a lifelong passion for music, Amy has been honing her songwriting craft since childhood. Her debut single, 'Mr Trickster,' was released to acclaim in September 2023, marking the beginning of an impressive musical journey.

Spanning various genres, Amy's music showcases her versatile talent as both a songwriter and vocalist. In 2023, she achieved the honor of becoming a semi-finalist in the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest. Since then, Amy has released an impressive catalog of 12 singles, with more eagerly anticipated music on the horizon.

Amy's work has garnered attention worldwide, with her songs being streamed and aired across numerous platforms and radio stations. She has been featured in multiple radio interviews throughout the UK, further solidifying her presence in the music scene.

Driven by a deep love for music from different eras, Amy aspires to create compositions that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression on the soul. Her goal is to craft music that stands out amidst today's diverse musical landscape.

Singing and songwriting are not just pursuits for Amy—they are integral parts of her life. She extends her heartfelt appreciation to all those who have supported and continue to support her on this remarkable musical journey.

Drenched in the raw, post-pandemic grit of County Down's forgotten corners, The New Leaves emerged from the wreckage, wielding their own brand of sonic rebellion. These four rebels, childhood comrades turned musical insurgents, fuse haunting harmonies, lyrical landscapes of untamed nature, and a gritty folk ethos that spits in the face of convention.

McKay, the band's visionary, weaves tales of rugged beauty and forgotten folklore, breathing life into a songbook that pulses with the beating heart of the Mourne Mountains and the untamed spirit of Carlingford Lough's hidden realms. Brace yourself for a sonic riot, as The New Leaves carve their name into the very soul of the genre, daring you to follow them into the wild unknown.

Donaghaguy Reservoir - The New Leaves ( New Single Release )

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting melodies of The New Leaves as they unveil their latest masterpiece, "Donaghaguy Reservoir". This mesmerizing folk saga is the inaugural offering from the band's partnership with the freshly-minted folk and acoustic powerhouse, Corn Crake Records.

Crafted under the deft hands of producer Steve Fearnley at Narrow Water Studios and polished to perfection by the acclaimed Peter Maher, this track is but a glimpse into the soul-stirring journey awaiting in their upcoming album, "A Sketch of Home", slated for release on the 7th of June.

Nestled on the fringes of Warrenpoint, the band's beloved hometown, Donaghaguy Reservoir beckons with its serene allure—a haven of tranquility cherished by both man and beast. Known affectionately as 'the duck pond' among locals, its unassuming beauty serves as the muse for McKay's poignant storytelling.

Through haunting verses and ethereal melodies, "Donaghaguy Reservoir" transports listeners to this sanctuary of solace, capturing the essence of its whispered secrets and timeless serenity. Join The New Leaves on this evocative journey into the heart of nature's embrace, where each note is a brushstroke painting a vivid portrait of peace amidst the chaos of the world.

Just a bit of advice for musicians and some points to determine whether having a music career is really for you on not.

Profile Pages 

I started out creating profile pages as many artists simply didn't have a website and were virtually unseen on the search engines. A profile page is a little different than lets say a review from a music website. Now reviews are great and especially from popular websites.Top websites that provide your own website URLs are what you would call backlinks and improve the overall authority of your own website. 

It's a bit like a writer after writing a book and getting raving reviews which makes her or her book credibility and receive more interest overall. The same applies to Musicians who have a decent enough website and there are links, linking back to it from other reputable music websites. 

As an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) specialist, I decided to create profiles for artists, with or without their own websites as either a web page press pack or a very nice backlink that linked back to their own website. This might seem irrelevant to some but this is a very powerful method of promoting the artist through the search engines and at the same time gain more credibility.

Another reason why I created these profiles was as a Venue manager I used to receive 1000s of Presspacks that were way too long, complicated and I simply didn't have time to go through them as I was just too busy. I would have prefered a much simpler one page, straight to the point presentation that got to the music right away. Also, the attention span of everyone over the past 10 years has become very short and long laborious Presspacks are no longer effective anymore, if ever in my own opinion. All that is really required is a short Bio, your best tracks on display and a few Social links so people can research further, that's it. 

I know this works as I have tested it for over a decade now and have the analysis to prove it.   

Is Having A Music Career Really For You?

Music Promotion 

This is a subject that is so convoluted these days that Musicians are left scratching their heads on what ways are best to promote their own act. As an online promoter, I have gone down the same rabbit holes and realised that keeping everything Simple was the best way forward for any meaningful results.  

Obviously the Music has to be good and also have the ability to attract a fan base. Musicians know full well that if they are getting good feedback about a track or a live performance then they are on the right track. What they decide to do with that feedback is a whole different matter. It can either be collected up and built upon or as many artists do today, ignore it and expect continuous support by spamming all the social networks.

The biggest mistake I see musicians & managers making today is not building a fan base, a community where musicians and their fans can engage personally. That can only be done after a before, during and after live Gig or through a personal email. Social media in my own opinion is useless for this and should only be used as a catchment area for new fans. Any and all fans should be placed in an email list for special personal email and a building of relationships with various offers, updates, fan only material shared.   

Is Having A Music Career Really For You?


Streaming has obliterated physical sales but please be aware that CDS & Vinyl have become a niche marketing and should be part of your overall merchandise stock. Remember you are a business and need to cater for all of your fans and having music in all formats should be always available to them. The majority of Record stores have virtually no interest in your music so keep those physical copies for people that actually want them. If you have a good email list of fans, This is a very good way to sell those copies and share your music.

Is Having A Music Career Really For You?

Live Performance 

Musicians know full well the importance of playing live, sharing their music locally and outside or their area. I hear many complaining that they cannot find a whole lot of places that will give them the opportunity to play but please remember that you must offer the venue the opportunity of an event attended by many of your fans. If you are serious about your music and the future of it, you will have already done the groundwork before reaching out to bigger venues. 

The live performance is the Musician's opportunity to showcase what they are all about and attract fans to them. Again what you decide to do with those new fans is the difference between being a successful act or an act with no direction, aimlessly posting on facebook, instagram etc and hoping that fans will automatically follow each and every week. If that initial personal connection is not made and nourished then the chances of each fan remaining committed and loyal to you is virtually Zero. 

Final Words

As a previous Venue Manager and now Online promoter for many years, I have seen it done right but unfortunately too many times done totally wrong and seeing the musician frustrated. If you are serious, then start doing this correctly and simple build from there in an organic way first. One fan, two, three and keep going till you reach a few 100 or a few 1000 if you are doing things right. Then and only then do you attempt any social media campaign but always be conscious of your loyal fans who require a different personal approach.

If you are not prepared to do all this, then you are in the wrong career and you should only play or perform music as an interest, hobby, part time job or simply entertainment. I think many Musicians get caught up in the fantasy of having a music career without knowing what is actually required in reality and waste too many years in the limbo land of the music industry. It's just my opinion from what I have seen over the years. Music is certainly one of the most beautiful hobbies one could have as it is an expression on one self but launching a music career is a whole different story. Which one are you in all of this?