Building an International Independent Music Community

Building an International Independent Music Community

Back In 2006 , I had a calling to assist the Independent Music Community In Ireland and attempt to Build an Independent artist network. For decades I had watched great musicians not having the opportunity to progress any further than the local pub or music venue. At that time I was a Pub / Venue manager and was always scratching my head about the reasons for this obvious lack of opportunity in the music industry. 


My first venture was called Livemicsworld and I attempted to create an Independent Music Network of like minded individuals that could help one another progress more. I quickly realised that the industry was seriously fragmented with disgruntled artists who had a very negative impression of the state of the industry and their chances of success. They had almost given up before they even started. 

MusiBiz & MusiBar

After gaining a little more knowledge about how the industry worked, I began another project called Musibiz and at the same time a Music Venue named Musibar. The idea behind this was to have a venue that nurtured Artists and Management in the venue and also showcase them online with the help of the Independent Music network website.

I wanted artists from all over Ireland playing there and also connect with local artists and create our own unique Independent network. 

At times I would invite dozens of artists and bands to attend a charity event called the Simon Gigs to help with the network I was attempting to build and at the same time, provide funds for the homeless. Poor Finances, Location and various other blocks put an end to that idea after 15 months. The sad thing about this was it was actually working towards the end and walking away for that was extremely difficult for me.

Irish Indie Chart

Irish Indie Chart 2017

Orestis Mammis

New Careers

For the next couple of years I ventured into new careers and I became a Life coach / Business coach along with setting up a Web agency along with my good friend and Greek Musician / Web developer Orestis Mammis. These two new businesses might seem unrelated but both were helping aids that I could provide for people on a personal level and also in business.

It was about a year ago when I started to think about my previous Music Projects and I felt that I was in a better place to start yet another one.  I'm sure others who have had projects that failed, will have both fear but also better knowledge of what not to do the next time around. Some will either leave this idea for good or give it one last go with all this new knowledge. My decision was to give this another go.

So I contacted an old friend and Agent / Manager John Hartmann in the US. I asked him about an old project he was working on around the same time that I had started my first project. Like me, John had attempted this but it never really reached its full potential for various reasons. 

Back in 2009 I came across John Hartmann's website while looking to learn more about the Music industry. By then, John had been working in the industry for over 50 years and was attempting to provide a Music Management Course for Artists and Managers to understand and compete in the industry along with providing an Independent Music Network.

John felt that in order to be successful in the music industry, you needed to know the basics In Music Management along with all the other professions related to progressing the Potential Artist's or Band's. Like me, John also knew the importance of having a network of professionals around a particular act but also an Independent Community so the artists could connect with Nationally and Globally if necessary.  

In 2009, Physical Distribution was on the decline and Digital was replacing it quickly with a new music renaissance emerging. Although Digital has moved on dramatically from 2009, that same Music Business Knowledge that John was teaching was still very much relevant.

What had changed was the massive decline in Music Managers and Labels due to this massive decrease in physical sales and most of that old knowledge was lost. This had a devastating effect on the artists as the vast majority of them had no clue how the Music business worked. Social media came along and again so many artists got lost in the promise that these platforms would help them with their own promotion.

So myself and John have come up with our own solution. To teach Artists and potential managers the Business of Music by way of a Music management course and also attempt to build an Independent Music Community So Artists / Bands had support and guidance that was seriously lacking. 

Music Management Course

I am happy to announce that Musibiz and Holodigm Academy will work together this year.  Holodigm will be providing Music Management Training for artists and managers to help them understand the music industry and Musibiz will provide an Independent Music Community where they can progress. Students of the holodigm who complete the course will be given a certificate in Music management by the Holodigm Academy.

Musibiz would love to build a global Independent Music community where artists and managers will have the ability to connect with Professionals from all over the world on their quest for a greater outreach. 

Holodigm are coming to the end of creating Our Management Course and are looking for beta testers to help us improve this course. Feedback will be critical from the beta testers and for all those who assist us and complete the training will be given a certificate in music management and be the first members of our digital network.  

Please contact us if you are interested In taking the course of have a suggestion about what you would like to see and be supported in within our New Independent Music Community.                                  

Independent Music Community

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